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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Kazakh TV channel shifts to new broadcast format

by October 25, 2016 General

Central Communications Service has hosted today an official launch of updated Kazakh TV channel with participation of Minister of Information and Communication Dauren Abayev.

According to the Minister, the amount of news programs will be reduced by 15%.

Emphasis will be placed on educational programs on our culture, traditions, economy and unique nature. New projects, which will reveal tourist and investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan, will be of interest not only to foreigners but also for citizens of our country, Dauren Abayev noted.

Channels language policy has changed as well: Kazakh and Russian for domestic audience, and Kazakh and English � for foreign one.

Kazakh TV channel is the flagship of informational promotion of our country abroad. Open for 118 countries of the world, Kazakh TV has an important strategic mission on explaining the foreign policy initiatives of the Head of State, global initiatives of the President, on promoting such events as EXPO 2017, Universiade in Almaty. I am convinced that the Kazakh TVs rebranding will improve the quality of our products, the Minister said.

The changes will be reflected in a brighter and haunting graphic design of Kazakh TV.

Kazakh TV logo consists of graphic and verbal elements: symbolic image of a steppe eagle, enclosed in a square, and the Kazakh TV name.

Since October 25, Kazakh TV and Bilim zhane Madeniet channels will broadcast under the single Kazakh TV name. The channel will continue to broadcast programs on culture, traditions, history of Kazakhstan, and will retain the broadcasting abroad in English and Kazakh via HotBird13B, Galaxy19 and AsiaSat5. For residents of Kazakhstan the channel is available in Kazakh and Russian in the cable and satellite television networks.

The channel content in the new television season will be segmented by major thematic clusters, which reflect investment attractiveness and opportunities for foreign business, tourism sector for business and leisure, as well as cultural and historical heritage of Kazakhstan.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan