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Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

“Kazakh TV” channel is on air in a new format

by October 25, 2016 Fun

Today, the renewed format of Kazakh TV channel was officially launched, with Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev participating.

Minister had a meeting with the Channel’s team and mass media representatives where he extended congratulations to Kazakh TV and its staffs. In his speech, Dauren Abayev mentioned the importance of promoting the country at international level and the role of Kazakh TV as one of the efficient tools to improve awareness of Kazakhstan abroad.

As the Channel Director Andrey Tarakov said, On October 25, people will watch Kazakh TV in a new presentation, with new interesting projects, yet the channel is faithful to its mission: it remains a guide to Kazakhstan’s authentic world.

Alongside with the new on-air presentation form, the channel has renewed it logotype as well. Kazakh TV channel’s logo comprises graphical and verbal elements: a symbolic image of a steppe eagle put into a regular tetragon and the name: Kazakh TV. To Kazakhstani people, the steppe eagle is associated with the symbol of freedom, independence, and achievement drive. Just like to independent Kazakhstan an eagle denotes achieving new heights, to the channel it is a symbol of pursuance of the high-water marks in international TV space.

Starting from October 25, 2016, the Kazakh TV and Bilim zhane Madeniyet (Knowledge and Culture) channels will be broadcasting under the single name, Kazakh TV. The channel will keep broadcasting the programs on culture, traditions, history of Kazakhstan, and will, as before, broadcast abroad in English and Kazakh via the satellites: HotBird13B, Galaxy19 and AsiaSat5. To Kazakhstan public, the channel is available in Kazakh and Russian in the cable and network TV.

The channel’s content will in the new TV season be segmented by basic thematic blocks that reflect the investment attractiveness and opportunities for foreign businesses, tourist sector for both business and entertainment, and also Kazakhstan’s cultural/historical heritage.

Kazakh TV is the first national satellite TV channel of the Republic of Kazakhstan founded on Octover 25, 2002. Together with Khabar and Khabar 24, Kazakh TV is part of Khabar Agency JSC’s TV family. Through satellites, the channel covers 118 countries, including in North and Central Americas, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia and Oceania, North Africa, Middle East, Asia and Transcaucasia. The channel’s format is informational/cognitive.

Source: Ministry Of Information and Communication Republic of Kazakhstan