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by October 30, 2019 General

The inspection group General readiness inspections over UN units visited a peacekeeping base of Kazakh soldiers in Lebanon to check if weapons and military equipment, communication equipment, optical sights, property are in good condition and the health and hygiene regulations are observed, the Defense Ministry’s Regional Command West informs.

It was said that the second peacekeeping squad stood out among other peacekeeping squads of the Indian battalion.

The second peacekeeping squad is part of the mission Interim forces of the UN in Lebanon in compliance with the agreement on mutual understanding between the Kazakh and Indian governments On the deployment of the Kazakh peacekeeping contingent as part of the Indian battalion.

During its stay, the second squad of Kazakh peacekeepers has received the status of professional peacekeepers.

Commander of the UN Indonesian military police’s contingent, Colonel Soni, who was with the inspection group, welcomed a high level of the base of Kazakh peacekeepers.

In such perilous moments, the United Nations reduces traffic flows, all patrols are cancelled. Peacekeeping bases do not receive water, food as well as other supplies. Nevertheless, Kazakh peacekeeper managed to demonstrate the high level, not everyone could do that, he said.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050