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The Kazakh Minister of Agriculture, Saparkhan Omarov, has attended a meeting with the Mongolian Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, Chultem Ulaan, informs with reference to the press service of the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry.

The Kazakh agriculture minister has stressed that Mongolia is Kazakhstan’s key trade and economic partner in agriculture especially in meat stockbreeding and sheep breeding.

The countries cooperate under the memorandum of cooperation in agriculture signed between the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry and the Mongolian Food and Agriculture Ministry, as well as the agreements reached during the Kazakh Mongolian Intergovernmental Commission meetings on trade and economic, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation.

Kazakhstan has a stake in joint projects on animal production and meat processing, with Kazakhstan’s veterinary service in a close cooperation with Mongolia’s one. Yesterday, a memorandum of mutual understanding in veterinary was signed by the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry and the Main Veterinary Department, which is a governmental agency.

The Kazakh minister pointed out that the Ministry is willing to support Mongolia in zoning and receiving the FMD free zone status, allowing for an exchange of bloodstock, animals. The August this year seminar involving Dorjnyam Tumendemberel, Director of the Main Veterinary Department of Mongolia, touched upon the joint measures to control FMD as per OIE requirements.

Mongolian and Kazakh enterprises are interested in implementing joint projects within Kazakhstan to develop meat processing and create sheep clusters, with the ongoing discussions on the meat processing projects in the confines of the Semipalatinsk meat plant and the sheep cluster Steppe Sheep in Karaganda region.

Kazakh Minister Omarov also noted that efforts are under way to build a more effective relationship with scientific and research organizations, the exchange of skills to study cutting edge technology and experiences in agricultural production, evidenced by the cooperation between Kazakh Research Institute of Livestock and Fodder Production and the Mongolian Academy of Agricultural Sciences’ Research Institute of Livestock under the 2013 memorandum to implement the joint scientific and technical cooperation.

The sides cooperate in plant quarantine under the agreement between the Kazakh Government and the Mongolian Government on quarantine cooperation.

Kazakhstan and Mongolia’s mutual trade in products of the agro industrial complex stood at $24.0 million in January July 2019, with the Kazakh exports growing to $23.8 million, and imports reducing to $187.3 thousand in 2019.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050