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by February 27, 2020 Market

A press conference dubbed Capacity of QazTrade in support for Kazakh exporters has taken place at the Central Communication Centre, with the participation of Arman Abenov Director General of the QazTrade Center for the Development of Trade Policy, correspondent reports.

The QazTrade Trade Policy Development Centre, acting under the Ministry of trade and integration of Kazakhstan, seeks foreign markets in order to expand the geography of Kazakh exports.

It analyses the Kazakh exports on the following indicators: cost, quality requirements, amounts, and so on, including logistics which shows whether Kazakh products are competitive or not. Based on such an analysis a list of goods for exporting to a certain number of countries where Kazakhstan can expand its trade is formed.

Kazakh products are famous for their quality and organicity, they are also sold at a reasonable export price.

QazTrade works to make Kazakh companies enter neighbouring countries’ markets in cooperation with the domestic companies that have already been supplying components or complementary goods.

Last weekend I met with representatives of the Association of Automotive Chemical Manufacturers and with our automobile industry companies, and we discussed the prospects of such cooperation for our companies to enter foreign markets, said Arman Abenov, General Director of the QazTrade Trade Policy Development Centre.

One of the directions of the Centre’s analytical work is to monitor the situation on the world market and analyzing their impact on the foreign trade in goods and services.

In light of the forthcoming visit of the Kazakh Minister of Trade and Integration to South Korea, QazTrade examines Kazakhstan’s potential for subsequent integration into the automotive industry established in Korea through the export of alloy automobile rims, taking into account the high raw material base of Kazakhstan.

There is an opportunity to offer the world giants of the automotive industry and the electronics industry (Apple, Samsung, Hyundai and others) to organize the production of components with a high share of raw materials at cost. Access to the necessary infrastructure and a large volume of raw materials opens up opportunities for the production of cables, metal connectors, stainless steel and aluminum cases for smartphones, Arman Abenov said.

Service support will be accessible for exporters next year as part of the export acceleration programme, aiming at intensive development of companies from production to entry to new markets.

The information and analytical website is in place where exporters can get wider services.

The website contains an analysis of foreign sectorial and country markets, information on logistics, terms to enter foreign markets (presence of trade barriers, tariff and non tariff entry). It also examines the systems of technical regulation in such countries as Iran, Turkey, the UAE, China, and Germany (regarding organic produce).

There is also a register of Kazakh exporters and their produce, thus making it easy for foreign customers to find Kazakh counterparties.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050