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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Kazakh Agrotechnical University takes 6th place on employment in country – Rector

by March 11, 2017 Market

Three years ago, Kazakh Agrotechnical University began a big change in educational process. The university signed Agreement on cooperation with University of California at Davis (UC Davis). All this is for the future development of future specialists.

“UC Davis University once raised the agrarian education of Chile, Malaysia, China, Singapore and now we managed to sign such agreement. With professors of Davis University, we developed a program for transforming our university into agrarian university of international level. We set ourselves the task of transforming ourselves as a research university following Nazarbayev University’s example, but only in the agrarian industry and in the agrarian sector. During this time, we managed to change a part of the training programs taking into account the recommendations of professors from UC Davis and our employers. We have introduced new innovative disciplines and many of our students, master students in agricultural specialties are taught according to the textbooks recommended by professors of UC Davis”, – A. Kurishbaev informed.

Under the new program, foreign partners of the university teach students so that they could correctly and independently develop innovative solutions in real production conditions.

“In this regard, as foreign colleagues say -“learning by doing”, that is, you need to teach by doing it with your hands. We have significantly considered the practical training of our students. For example, the duration of the practice is increased from 3 to 7-8 months, so that the student could see the full cycle of technological works. Starting from this year in the Master’s program in the field of agricultural specialties we transfer training to the summer period. Because, future agronomists-students were used to be trained in agricultural specialties in winter, and in summer they rested. But in summer, the peak of agricultural work comes, and we, according to the recommendations of the professors of our partners, have changed the process”, – the Rector shared.

According to Akhylbek Kurishbaev, the university organized practical laboratories, training workshops, training laboratories – technological platforms for many agricultural specialties.

“Our students get not only theoretical knowledge, but they also go to practical laboratories, they are engaged in workshops, directly in educational laboratories, in greenhouses. These laboratories are not the know-how of our university, but they are mirror laboratories that exist in America. Thus, we transmit the transfer of the educational process from developed countries to our conditions. I think we should succeed, it is only the beginning of a great work that we are starting to do on the upcoming. If we build the same system of education as in developed countries, of course we will have modern specialists with modern competencies”, – the Speaker noted.

Also, A. Kurishbaev outlined some topical issues concerning the employment of young people in agricultural specialties. Today not all graduates of agricultural universities are employed in the countryside.

“In our university, according to the pension fund, 78% of our students after the first year of training got a job last year. Because our university is not only agrarian, but also technical, as there are also other specialties. 78% is a very good indicator. We occupy the 6th place among the universities of Kazakhstan for employment”, – the Head of the university informed.

According to the Rector, there is also a proposal to increase the rural quota. Today only 30% of graduates of rural schools are enrolled in agrarian specialties and receive grants.

“Therefore, we suggest increasing the rural quota to 80%. In order that 80% of rural schools could enter agricultural specialties. I think that this will be the optimal solution”, – A. Kurishbaev concluded.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050