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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev on a joint sitting of the Parliament

by March 20, 2019 Legal

Dear President!

Dear parliamentarians, members of the Government!

Dear Compatriots!

Yesterday, on March 19th, the whole world witnessed an important historical event.

The Great Leader, the founder of the Kazakh statehood, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, voluntarily terminated the powers of the Head of State.

This important decision of the Head of the state has shown his magnificence at the global and historical level as a political figure.

It is the solution to the problem of the highest order, with the exception of the present state of the state.

We have achieved all our achievements, first of all, thanks to the hard work of the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the most difficult geopolitical situation of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the President of the country became the founding and the foundation of a new state.

Despite many negative predictions, Nursultan Abishevich recognized the country as a whole.

A state emerged on the map of the world, which became a real symbol of development and democracy, peace and harmony.

For the first time in the history of Kazakhstan, our President has formed new state institutions.

Among them are the Presidential Institute, the Parliament, the Public Service, the Armed Forces, the Diplomatic Service, and civil society institutes.

In 1995 the Constitution was adopted.

Changes to the constitution included in our constitution were actually democratic.

Under the leadership of the Head of the State, the reforms aimed at modernization of the economy were carried out in Kazakhstan on a regular basis.

At the same time, the political system of the state has undergone serious changes.

Structural reforms have become the driving force of the state’s development.

As a longtime servant of the President, I firmly believe that the President is the only person who has devoted his labor to a noble purpose – the well-being of our people.

Nursultan Nazarbayev has already arrived in the world history as a reformist. Ten tails to transform Kazakhstan into a modern, subdivision of the state, with a group of up to 50 members of the world’s largest nuclear-weapon-free countries. Ego ‘s economics and politics have been reformed by a symbol of the state’ s state policy. The poems of the President of the Reformation are called “Kazakhstan’s Way” or “Kazakhstan’s Model”.

The Head of State Reforms Kazakhstan on the path of stable development. The republic of Kazakhstan, along with all economic figures, is the leader of the Central Asian region, replaced by positions in the post-soviet space.

Kazakhstan has accumulated considerable financial resources on the background of National Bank, allowing it to decide on the primary objectives of the socio-economic character in crisis situations.

The President of the country took a course on investing in the economy. Thankfully, Kazakhstan is a leader in all post-socialist space, including Central Europe, with the help of foreign direct investment. In our country, more than $ 300 billion in foreign direct investment.

From the very first days of independence Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev has started to work on the creation of a powerful market economy with a view to improving the social welfare of the population.

He has made an unprecedented success on this difficult path.

In his Address to the Nation, particularly in March and October 2018, as well as at the XVIII Congress of the Nur Otan Party, he demonstrated a genuine sympathy for the country’s interests.

These documents for the provision of social support to the citizens of the country include unique measures that are not equivalent in other countries.

Our state has become territorial harmony, harmony, tolerance between all nations and religion. The proletarian world, the national unity of the world over the territory of the continent, is the most important factor in the maintenance of international stability and security.

More Than Undeserved Institution – The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. Thanks to the historic synthesis of world religions, the language, culture and traditions in Kazakhstan were shaped into the world, and the peace and harmony of the world was the result of a notable political culture. The developed model of the model of the world and the social dialogue has acquired universal recognition as a benchmark harmonious development society.

The common historical fate of the people of Kazakhstan, as well as the achievements made through the Independence, have been described in the concept of “Mangilik El”.

In this document, everyone has a common goal, common interests, the perfect prospects of our people.

At the suggestion of the President, the patriotic act “Mangilik Yel” has become a powerful force on the way to strengthening the unity of the nation.

During the years of independence, a whole generation of young people who have been brought up in the spirit of loyal and genuine love for the national position.

This was influenced by the youth policy pursued by the Head of the State, the unique “Spiritual Renaissance” and “The Seven Wonders of the Great Steppe”.

Thanks to the hard work of the President, our people felt for the first time in their history of history the legitimate owner of the land, proud of our Motherland.

Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”, New Economic Policy “Nurly Zhol”, National Plan “100 real steps” is aimed at modernization of the country, further strengthening of economic potential of Kazakhstan.

This is especially important in the context of instability and crisis in the international arena.

Modern Kazakhstan is a developed, democratic and secular state with market economy.

In the country the private institute has been established, the middle class has improved and entrepreneurship has intensively developed.

All relevant socio-economic issues are timely resolved.

The non-financial and economic crisis in the international markets of Kazakhstan is a continuation of the process of reform and modernization of the economy, followed by industrialization, the development of scientific developments in the production, digitalization of the economy and the public life.

There are real-world taxis programs like “Road Map Business”, “Agribusiness”, “Program Work”.

Strategically important infrastructure projects are underway. This is the program “Nurly Zhol”, Western China – Western Europe, Transcaspian international transport route. Kazakhstan is a transport and logistics hub of global significance, which impresses its economic potential.

Kazakhstan has a great place in the world and in the world of education. Our list of people is the first in the world list of human development by qualifying for the first time. Kazakhstan came to a group of states with a high level of human development.

Thanks to the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bolashak Program is implemented.

The Nazarbayev University’s potential was created and intellectual schools were opened in all regional centers.

Modern schools have been built in every region of the country in line with the requirements of the modern era.

Thousands of citizens have the opportunity to receive high-quality education both domestically and abroad.

The economic and social progressive factors of Kazakhstan ‘s health, the development of spheres of health protection and the shaping of healthy life.

Find friends, who are in good health, lasting life, tribal fertility. All of this is a prize for the World Health Organization.

The Cultural Heritage program, initiated by Nursultan Nazarbayev, gave a new impulse to the development of our original culture.

The fact that Khoja Ahmed Yassaui mausoleum, Tamgaly monuments and other historic sites were listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List became an important event for our people.

The merit of our First President is remarkable for the uplift of our new capital.

The construction of Astana is the historical feat of the President.

The capital city has become a true face of our independent country and pride of our people.

The capital became a sacred concept as the ideology of the new state.

Our capital, in fact, praised the values of the past, demonstrated a new image of Kazakhstan to the whole world.

The capital has become a large center of summits and other important international meetings.

In 2017, EXPO “Future Energy” was held in Astana.

The Head of the State also states in his volume that Kazakhstan was the first to introduce the national history of the state with the international fixed-line treaties of the state. Now this is a great deal of greetings and audacity, which is especially important in the current geopolitical realities.

Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev is prime minister of the Eurasia Economic Coalition as the initiator of the Initiative for the Eurasian world, as the long-term successor of the Eurasian Integration. The ninth rank of authoritative international organizations, such as the Unconstrained Goszwarts, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Interaction and Consensus in Asia. The Head of the State in Astana hosted the historic OSCE summit on the regular basis on the occasion of the conventional and traditional religions, many other international forums.

Kazakhstan has been an authoritative, global participant of the global peacekeeping processes that has been sacked by the Soviet Union in the United Nations, and has taken on a global recognition as a leader of globalization and nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, as well as a non-partisan interlocutor in the inter-regional dialogue.

We, the representatives of present and future generations, should remember and respect the political heritage of the Head of State, deserving respect for the historical merits of Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev.

We have to remember the great merit and great name of the Head of State for our people and the world community.

It is important for our people, especially young people, to respect history, and to justify the glorious work of the President.

We are looking forward to a great time for the occasion, the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursulan Abishevich Nazarbayeva with the following image.

???? ??????? ?????? ?????? ??? ??? ? ?????????? ?????????. Such a proposal has already been proclaimed by the Declaration of Parliamentarians on November 23, 2016, by the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Further. ??????????? ???????? ? ????? ??????? ?????????? ?????????? ????????? ? ??????? ? ???????????.

??????? ??????????? ????? ???? ????????? ??????? ??? ??????? ?????????? Abishevich Nazarbayeva.

We all agree, that the President of our country is the friend of the nation with the highest honors – Halyk Kaharmany and Yenbek Yeri.

??????? ????? ??????????????? ?????????? Head of the State Status Senator.

??? ???????? ? ?????????? ? ???????????? ??????? ??????????, The President of the country is deprived of the exclusive attributes of public property, cabinets of public servants, and allotted schoolchildren.

Everything from the Presidency to the Presidency will be respected in the First Presidency – the Leader of the Nation and other legal act. The President of the country is protected by all service infrastructure.

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is standing and living in our country, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Ottsom Niyo).

He is also a member of the Presidency of the Soviet Union, the presidency of the party Nur Otan, the presiding officer of the Assembly of Narod, the constitutional council. The authoritative statement of the Head of the State would be very special, it should be noted, the priority of the development and resolution of the strategic character.

By the way, we are working on transferring to a quiet, non-confidential situation, which is the factor of the maintenance of internal stability and of the international authority in Kazakhstan. At the same time, one of the highest political cultures in the world is the development of its exceptional tolerance. ??? ????? ??????? ?????? ??? ??????? ??????????.

Today, from this high stand, I sincerely thank all my political elder Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev for the trust of the state as President of the country during the difficult period of world development.

With full scope of responsibility for the missionary missions, plan to direct their efforts to integrate the strategic security of the President of the country.

The common goal for all of us – the main political and historical heritage of the Head of State – to preserve and strengthen the independence of our state.

As President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has been glad to see the state of the state as a great political politician, who has been promoted to democratic rule. He was eleven years old in his native and universal history.

At that moment, the state of all the states in the development of the whole of the world should be splitting up the idea of a forward-looking, democratic, justified Kazakhstan.

We have a large and complex work ahead of us.

I consider it my primary task to use all my energies, education for the sake of Kazakhstan, and devotion to our people.

Thankfully, the members of Parliament, members of the Government, state officials, representatives of mass media and mass media, diplomatic representation and support.

Dear President!

Dear community!

My first decision in the post of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a historical contribution to the establishment of an independent Kazakhstan in accordance with the Constitutional Law “On the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation” and the Law “On state awards”, for its invaluable contribution to economic, social and humanitarian development, Awarding the Order of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev – the Order “Altyn zhuldyz” Raman “.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan