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Karaganda will have a new city center

by November 29, 2018 Fun

The region is developing a regional center development strategy, the ortcom correspondent reports . kz .

In September, we presented the Head of State our plans for the development of the New City Center. The President supported the initiative. Moreover, he expressed the wish to turn Karaganda into a millionplus city. In this regard, we have begun to develop a strategy for the development of the regional center, said the akim of the Karaganda region, Yerlan Koshanov, at the press service on the socioeconomic development of the region and the measures implemented in the areas of the Head of State’s address.

The head of the region shared his plans.

In Karaganda in the winter we will begin to build a modern Palace of children and youth, where, in addition to traditional circles, there will be modern sections on robotics, modeling, and a planetarium. In the spring, construction will begin on a 50meter swimming pool that meets Olympic standards. There are many talented swimmers and synchronists in Karaganda. They will be created all the conditions. A lot of cultural events are held in Karaganda, so we will also build a professional concert hall for 1500 spectators. A wrestling center will be built for our athletes. The railway station of Karaganda will be completely reconstructed. Passenger traffic will increase 2.5 times. And most importantly, we will preserve the unique historical facade, stucco, basreliefs of this unique building, said Yerlan Koshanov.

In addition, according to the mayor, our countryman Gennady Golovkin is building a multifunctional sports complex with an area of 5.5 thousand square meters.

Also, special attention is paid to the city of Temirtau.

Company Arcelor Mittal will be built and equipped with a polyclinic for 20 thousand visits, a kindergarten, focused on the earlier development from 1 year, and a professional sports complex. These facilities will completely cover the needs of the population in these areas, the speaker said.

In addition, Arcelor will modernize Temirtau Thermal Power Plant.

At present, the company has already begun work on the construction of a new boiler for the amount of about 20 billion tenge. This will significantly improve the quality of life of the Temirtaus people and solve their longterm problem of warmth, said Akim.

In the region, they are also engaged in the improvement of yard territories, the reconstruction of engineering, water supply and sewerage networks.

Only in the regional center this year, 100 yards and 21 squares were built, which is 10 times more than last year. According to the program of Nurly Zhol, more than 15 km were reconstructed. engineering networks. According to the program Development of Regions, 190 km were built and reconstructed in the region. water and sewer networks in 10 cities and 13 rural settlements in the amount of 4.5 billion tenge. The longterm problem of water supply in the cities of Satpayev, Karazhal and the village of Zhairem has been fully resolved, said akim.

Source: Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan