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Karaganda people study Latin graphics at a special language center

by January 15, 2019 Market

Residents of the Karaganda region can read the new Latin language of the Kazakh language at the specially created Languages Resource Center. The lectures will be held free of charge for all those who wish to visit the House of Friendship, the press service of the region’s governor office reports.

The center was created on the basis of the Resource Center on the instruction of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of the Karaganda region.

Classes are held in a specially equipped lingo office for groups of 10-12 people. Such trainings have been held since August 2018. Since then, the Latin language of the Kazakh language has 1500 in Karaganda and 6.5 thousand people in the region.

“Our specialists work in all cities and areas, where teachers will conduct classes and training locally, including lectures in the center, and present lectures at state institutions and large cafeterias at pre-order, and organize lectures on Latin graphics at schools and universities.” Director of the Language Resource Center at the Department of Language Development of the Karaganda region Gulnaz Musagulova.

In order to teach the Latin alphabet to the greatest number of people, under the Latyn-karaoke project Q-?ALAM youtube has the popular Kazakh songs with subtitles.

To launch a full-time course on learning Latin graphics with an orphan graphics, the Center’s specialists are waiting for formal recognition of literacy rules. Approximately, it is expected in March-April. Then, the center’s specialists will pass a 72-hour training course, which will give them the opportunity to teach in Astana.

“We will open short courses and will have the most necessary and useful information so that we can mobilize the population of the region, students, pupils, civil servants will be trained on the spot,” Gulnaz Musagulova said.

In addition, at the end of January, the “Transaction” dialogue club will be opened at the center. Those who want to speak Kazakh, who want to learn the state language and who are humiliated by the language. Club speakers will be famous people, including representatives of other nationalities, who are fluent in their language.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan