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Karaganda hospital receives unique equipment worth KZT 67 mln

by April 7, 2017 Fun

Regional Health Department purchased the equipment under a financial leasing program from KazMedTech.

Well-known physician-urologist of the Presidential Affairs’ Medical Center, Ph.D., highest category doctor Pavel Sholokh held a master class on new medical equipment was held for the doctors of the hospital. who was in the operating room as an apprentice, highly appreciated the possibilities of new equipment.

“What this machine can do is be called a miracle. You no longer need to cut human tissue. All surgical instruments enter the body in a natural way – through urethra. The effect is obvious – patient don’t need to stay in hospitals for extended periods of time, they don’t need wound dressings or take medication”, – says Dr. Farhat Shamshiev, a surgeon with five years of experience.

At the press conference Dr. Pavel Sholokh added that even the clinic of Presidential Affairs’ Medical Center there doesn’t have such equipment.

Under the leasing procedure, a video endoscopy complex for urological surgeries with a medical laser system and an electrosurgical unit were purchased and installed in the city hospital No. 1.

According to the deputy head of the healthcare Askar Khoroshash, the new equipment has significantly extended the range of services provided by the hospital.

Our region is endemic in diseases of the genitourinary system, that is, this type of disease predominates. This is due to the low quality of drinking water, which contains large amounts of salts, oxalates and urates. This fact leads to that people often suffer from diseases of genitourinary system. In this regard, last year in the city hospital No. 1 was opened an urological center and installed world-class equipment under the financial leasing program, thanks to favorable conditions provided by KazMedTech. The advantage of leasing is that hospitals and polyclinics can start using expensive equipment without placing a burden on the budget, and purchased equipment is paid for through the period of several years. KazMedTech provides the lowest interest rate on the market – up to 5 percent.

The absence of a pursuit of profit proves that KazMedTech is socially oriented, showing concern for the health of Kazakhstanis and striving to raise the level of domestic medicine to a new level.

According to the head physician of City Hospital No. 1 Dmitry Chernov, in the future the equipment which they received can be used not only in urology but also in traumatology, surgery, and gynecology.

As the deputy chairman KazMedTech Ruslan Nurmuhanov said at the presser, the company focuses mainly on leasing providing medical equipment worth from 5 to 50 million tenge for public health organizations.

The second kind of company’s activity, according to him, is estimation of costs and clinical and technical justification and technical characteristics of medical equipment in terms of validity of prices, as well as the reasonableness and appropriateness of its purchase. The third direction is the improvement of the medical equipment service.

As Ruslan Nurmukhanov noted, Karaganda region is “the flagship in upgrading medical equipment through financial leasing.”

He said that together with the region, KazMedTech realized 148 projects at the expense of the local budget, and Karaganda region is one of those which implemented financing-reimbursement of leasing payments from the local budget instead of republican.

Mr. Nurmukhanov added that this year 200 the company plans to provide 200 pieces of medical equipment to the hospitals of the country, while last year this number was 88 pieces. Most of them will be installed in Karaganda and Kyzylorda regions. In general, over 7 years of its activity KazMedTech bought 600 pieces of equipment for the country’s healthcare organizations, and only since the beginning of 2017 delivered 50 units.

Later in the day, during a seminar-meeting at the health department of the region attended by representatives of the health departments of several regions Askar Khoroshash told about the tremendous effect and benefit that patient receive from the newest equipment purchased with KazMedTech’s assistance.

JSC KazMedTech is a subordinate organization of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan. It was established in 2010 with the aim of equipping state and private medical organizations with modern medical equipment through leasing.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050