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K.Tokayev met with German parliamentarians

by April 13, 2017 Health

During conversation K.Tokayev noted dynamic nature of the development of bilateral cooperation, including in an inter-parliamentary sphere. The Speaker stressed the importance of a permanent Kazakh-German dialogue on topical security issues in Europe and Central Asia, trade and economic cooperation, and also issues of cultural and humanitarian ties, importance of strengthening the multilateral partnership in eradication of terrorism.

The Chairman of the Upper Chamber noted that Kazakhstan is on a new historical stage of its development. Recently, the Parliament adopted amendments to the Constitution, according to which the powers from the President to the Parliament and the Government were redistributed. These days a unique article of President Nursultan Nazarbayev on modernization of public consciousness is widely discussed in the country. Such ideologies of modernization as competitiveness, pragmatism, preservation of national identity, cult of knowledge, evolutionary way of development, openness of consciousness are designated.

According to the Speaker of the Senate, the article of the Head of State, in fact, is an ideological platform of the country’s economic modernization, a spiritual guidebook of our society.

M. Grund stressed Kazakhstan’s responsible role in ensuring stability in Central Asia, comparing it with the role of Germany in Europe. The Deputy underlined a high importance of President N. Nazarbayev’s decision to abandon nuclear weapons and an initiative of creation of EEU, serving as a factor of confidence in the region.

“The chairmanship in the OSCE in 2010, election to the UN Security Council members – testified to the global role of Kazakhstan”, – the Deputy considers.

M. Grund believes that a voluntary transfer of powers by the incumbent President in favor of the Parliament and the Government is a rare case in the modern world.

“Not only Germany, but also the Venice Commission recognizes that Kazakhstan has moved in the right direction”, – he emphasized.

The Deputy informed about the forthcoming elections to Bundestag in September this year, discussions about the future of the EU, prospects for the settlement of migration crisis. He thanked the Kazakh side for the assistance in creating the German pavilion at EXPO-2017 exhibition in Astana.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050