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Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Jety Oguz handicraftswomen export felt souvenirs to Japan


70 year old Sozul Aibashova of Barskoon village, Jety Oguz district, Issyk Kul region, has set up a group of 8 local women, who make Kyrgyz traditional felt carpets shyrdaks and souvenirs.

I learned from my mother how to work with wool. I helped my mother in law after I got married. She was making national carpets. I taught my 5 daughters to work with wool and make carpets she said.

All of them make handicrafts apart from their full time jobs. One of the daughters has become a master, she holds handicrafts training in Germany and Japan Sozul Aibashova said.

We love working together. We export souvenirs to Japan now. We support ourselves with handicrafts 18 years already she said.

Source: Central Asian News Services