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IWEP expert: New Government should build an equal dialogue with the population

by February 22, 2019 Legal

The new government should build an equal dialogue with the population. This opinion was expressed by the expert of the Institute of World Economy and Politics (IWEP) at the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kamila Kovyazina, reports with reference to the Kazinform IAE.

The social sphere is the most sensitive for the population, because it directly affects its interests, and precisely because of the Government’s deficiencies in this sphere, the President demanded his resignation. In the past few weeks, the society has given mixed signals that solving social problems requires immediate consideration, gaps in the provision of targeted social assistance, the lack of high-quality communication of government agencies with the population have become obvious. In fact, the President expressed to the Government the distrust that the population has been demonstrating lately and which, accumulating, could lead to an increase in protest sentiments, said Kamila Kovyazina.

According to her, the task of the new Government in such conditions will be not only the effective implementation of state programs already developed and launched, but also the building of an equal dialogue with the population. Modern technologies provide all the possibilities for this, it is enough to express a desire to be truly open, accountable and human-oriented. Everyone saw how the media reacted positively to the promise of the new Interior Minister to be friends with them.

As an example or a case study, Asset Isekeshev’s experience when he was the Astana akim can be studied, and now the akim of the Bayogoyr district of Astana demonstrates such openness and willingness to cooperate with activists. At the same time, it is important to understand that interaction with the population is necessary not only and not so much for earning political points, but for receiving timely feedback from the ultimate beneficiary of state policy – a simple Kazakhstani, said Kamila Kovyazina.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan