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It’s necessary to ensure unhindered access to humanitarian aid in Syria – UN Special Envoy

by January 24, 2017 World Sports

“In the negotiations it was decided to establish a mechanism that will monitor the situation and help to cope with the problems in Syria. We need to curb the conflict. We need to support an integrated mechanism that the guarantor countries on the Syrian issue – Russia, Iran and Turkey – have developed in Astana. The first thing to do is to ensure the unhindered access to humanitarian aid”, the UN envoy stated.

He noted that to achieve peace in Syria is possible only through the political work and the main priority is the fight against terrorism.

“The main priority is the fight against terrorism, and we hope to deal with it effectively. We can achieve peace in Syria only through the political work which should take place under the UN auspices and with the direct participation of the Syrian people. We welcome the work of the Syrian delegation to achieve the political decision-making in accordance with the provisions of resolution 2254, which is the main resolution and it opens up the main road to achieving implementation of the political process”, S. Mistura told.

The UN envoy also stressed the importance of the platform of Astana on the Syrian settlement.

“I want to note the comments made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He said that we are a major player in the political process. And we saw how much potential there is here, in Astana, and we are pleased with this process”, S. Mistura said.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050