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Saturday, August 13th, 2022

It is planned to receive over 500,000 euros from the sale of commercial services at EXPO-2017

by September 30, 2016 Key Issues

I. Urazakov informed that payment services, pharmacies, sightseeing, tours of Kazakhstan, entertainment unit, printshop, production, installation, rental of office equipment, photo and video services, construction, lease and rent, translation services , company, legal services, consulting services (accounting) and many others will be organized at the exhibition center.

“To date, from 25 to 30 commercial services, to be provided within the framework of the exhibition, are under consideration. It is planned to select from 3 to 6 companies for each item. From 5 to 10 thousand people will provide these services,” I. Urazakov announced.

It is expected that income of EXPO commercial services will be more than 500 thousand euros.

According to him, all interested persons can found the necessary documentation on the website of the national company in the near future.

“The challenge we have as to the organizers, is to provide maximum comfort, convenience and reliability by international visitors and exhibitors,” I. Urazakov summed up.

It should be reminded that the international specialized exhibition will be held in Astana from 10 June to 10 September 2017; more than 5 million visits are expected.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan