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It is planned to provide 100% of children from 3 to 6 years with pre-school education until 2020

by March 9, 2017 Market

According to him,Ministry is actively engaged in the development of PPPs in order to open new kindergartens. 825 preschool institutions for 77 thousand places were opened in 2016. There are 600 private kindergartens among them. Due to this, the provision of children from 3 to 6 years of kindergartens grew by 2% and is 85%. The MES plans to continue to involve business initiatives in this process.

Minister also noted the need to restore order to kindergartens and remove the conditions for corruption.

“The queue is automatic, but the distribution of seats is handled by the regional departments of education. This creates certain difficulties and discontent of citizens,” Y.Sagadiyev said.

In this regard, the department plans to merge all city lines into one big republican queue. At the same time, the system of distribution of children in kindergartens will be automated. To date, mayor’s offices of Astana, Almaty, Karaganda and Kustanay have developed their subprograms, which will be analyzed by the Ministry. The best of them will be distributed throughout the republic.

“The task is not simple, but is quite feasible in principle for half a year or a year. Everything will be transparent and fair for us, ” Minister said.

A single training program was developed for teachers to improve the quality of staff. It should be noted that there is a unified program for the preparation of preschool children since 2016. Therefore, the state needs competent and trained educators. Minister said that it is possible the training of teachers will be included in the general program of state order.

Y.Sagadiyev noted that there is a need to adopt new sanitary norms in preschool institutions. According to him, new public health rules and norms are ready, discussed and approved by numerous experts. New public health rules and norms will be adopted until the end of March.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan