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It is planned to introduce over 11.2 million square meters of housing in the framework of Nurly Zher program in 2018 – Zh. Kassymbek

by February 13, 2018 Market

The Minister for Investments and Development, Zhenis Kassymbek, reported that in 2018, within the framework of the industrialization program, the focus will be on the support of the manufacturing industry with an emphasis on stimulating export-oriented sectors and increasing labor productivity.

According to Zhenis Kassymbek, this year the necessary systemic measures will be taken to increase the growth of the share of manufacturing in the GDP structure. Work will continue on launching the new projects within the framework of the Industrialization Map.

“This year we plan to introduce about 150 projects worth 1 trillion tenge and create 15 000 permanent jobs,” the Minister Zhenis Kassymbek said.

The next stage of industrial development is the transition to a qualitatively new level of technological development with elements of the Industry 4.0. In 2017, measures were developed for the technical re-equipment of the basic industries aimed at creating an ecosystem for the introduction of digital technologies in the framework of the state program Digital Kazakhstan.

In 2018, the MID RK intends to begin work on the audit of seven model digital factories that will become demonstration platforms for digital technologies (Kentau Transformer Plant, Karlskrona, Chemfarm, Eurasian Foods, Almaty Ventilator Plant, Kazakhmys, Kazchrome).

At the same time, the systemically important enterprises of the MMC will implement projects for the implementation of industry technologies 4.0.

In addition, according to the Minister of Information, during the year, some support measures will be partially revised for a more targeted stimulation of digitalization (in terms of determining the types of costs when reimbursing enterprises, granting grants, available debt, etc.).

Zhenis Kassymbek also said that according to the instructions of the Head of State, voiced in the Address “New Opportunities Under the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” by the end of the year the Concept of the Third Five-Year Plan of Industrialization aimed at the development of the “digital age” industry will be developed.

“In general, the implementation of the planned activities in 2018 will allow to increase the value of processed exports by 10.3% (to the level of 2017), labor productivity of manufacturing industry by 6%, investment in fixed assets of manufacturing industry in the amount of 1 trillion tenge,” the Minister Zhenis Kasymbek noted.

At the same time, this year the mechanisms for the further implementation of the Nurly Zher program will be revised.

“As part of the implementation of the instructions of the Head of State in the 2018 Address, we have begun the work to improve the state standards in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction,” said Zhenis Kassymbek.

In addition, in order to ensure the availability of housing, the MID RK is working on issues related to the reduction in the cost of construction and mortgage lending, with the improvement of the housing provision per resident by 2030 to 30 m2.

According to the minister, commercial banks will receive subsidized loans to developers for 125 billion tenge and mortgages for 105 billion tenge this year. The revival of the banking sector will lead to an increase in the annual volume of loans to 350 billion tenge and the share of investors of Housing Construction Savings Bank to the economically active population of up to 12%.

“Thanks to the measures taken in 2018, we expect the introduction of 11.2 million m2 of housing,” the minister summed up.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan