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Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

It is necessary to thoroughly and efficiently work out each instruction of the Head of State – Ruslan Dalenov


At the Government session chaired by Prime Minister Askar Mamin, Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov reported on measures to fulfill the instructions of the President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev given at the extended Government session on Jan. 24, 2020.

At the extended Government session, the Head of State set specific tasks to ensure high-quality economic growth and increase incomes. In total, more than 80 instructions have been given.

The Ministry of National Economy presented a set of measures to implement the instructions of the Head of State.

So, Dalenov pointed out the need to develop a medium-term economic development plan and adopt three legislative acts. They include the new version of the Law on Technical Regulation, amendments to the Budget Code and the Health Code. The need to approve three program documents was also noted. These are the Monetary Policy Strategy, the Trade Policy Program and the Water Management Program.

It is necessary to thoroughly and efficiently work out each order of the Head of State. In this regard, we propose to create a working group in the Government under the prime minister’s chairmanship, the minister of national economy said.

Within the working group, it is proposed to identify ten subgroups. They cover all the instructions of the Head of State. The first leaders of government agencies lead the work of subgroups and bear personal responsibility.

Within each subgroup, specific measures are being developed aimed at the practical implementation of the instructions of the Head of State.

1. Regarding the fiscal policy (Ministry of National Economy), measures will be developed to build a transparent and pragmatic policy for the stability of the state budget. All tax preferences and benefits will be analyzed for their effectiveness. By July 1, 2020, amendments will be made to the Budget Code to consolidate countercyclical budget rules.

2. On monetary policy and the financial sector (the National Bank and the Agency of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Supervision of Financial Market), measures will be developed to achieve a consensus between inflation and economic growth. Until July 1, 2020, Monetary Policy Strategy will be created and proposals for the development of a hedging infrastructure will be made. Measures will also be developed to enhance cashless payments and create a national payment system.

3. For public administration and the quasi-public sector (MNE), measures will be developed to increase competencies, efficiency and de-bureaucratization. Until May 1, 2020, measures will be taken to reduce unproductive costs. A list of government spending that can be postponed without serious consequences is also defined.

4. On the development of entrepreneurship, competition and denationalization will be promoted (MNE).

A set of measures will be implemented. They include the demonopolization of the market, the removal of administrative and economic barriers, as well as ensuring business access to public and quasi-public procurement. In order to simplify the receipt of state support and advice by entrepreneurs, a single window Government for business will be created. The list of objects subject to privatization will be expanded.

5. For the agro-industrial complex (Ministry of Agriculture), all conditions will be created for processing agricultural raw materials and ensuring the stability of state support in the agro-industrial complex. A water management program will be developed during the year.

6. For industry and construction (Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development), measures will be taken to effectively develop special economic and industrial zones, the processing industry, and also to increase labor productivity. Measures will be implemented to integrate into global value chains, as well as to promote and diversify exports. In addition, measures will be taken to build housing and the quality development of infrastructure.

7. On trade policy (Ministry of Trade and Integration), Trade Policy Program will be developed. Measures will be implemented to ensure access to sales markets and the development of electronic commerce. Until the end of this year, the new version of the Law on Technical Regulation will be adopted.

8. On social policy (Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population) an inventory of legislation in the social sphere will be carried out. Until July 1, 2020, approaches and solutions for the modernization of the country’s pension system will be worked out.

9. On healthcare (Ministry of Heathcare), measures will be taken to improve the availability and quality of medical services, including the adoption of the Health Code. The draft Code will be discussed openly and widely.

10. By education (Ministry of Education and Science), measures will be taken to improve the training system for teachers. Proposals will be made on the creation of scientific and production clusters and the development of human capital.

In accordance with the instruction of the Head of State, Economic Development Plan for the medium term will be adopted by May 15, 2020. The main measures developed by the working group will be included in the Plan. Each central state body and local executive body will actively participate in this process, concluded Dalenov.

Source: Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan