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Saturday, January 16th, 2021

It is necessary to introduce Kazakh language into world space – Expert


“A transition to the Latin alphabet is an imperative of the times, as our President N. Nazarbayev noted, this is the demand of the 21st century. A political decision to start the transition to the Latin alphabet since 2025 was adopted by the Head of State in 2012. Now the Government of the country first of all it is necessary to approve a single alphabet until the end of this year. Our scientists, including the Institute of Linguistics named after A. Baitursynov, have been preparing their own versions of the new “alphabet”, – he reminded.

In his opinion, the more options, the better for selection.

“I think that after the new alphabet is approved, it is immediately possible to start training teachers for it and to engage in its implementation in experimental order in some primary classes of secondary schools along with the Kazakh language,” says the Director of Fund.

As he noted, a psychological preparation for the transition to the Latin alphabet is very important, so that in 2025 the population of the country won’t have a shock. After a while young people – graduates of the same experimental classes – will have an excellent command of the Latin alphabet. To be psychologically prepared, for the rest of the population, after approval of the new “alphabet”, it is necessary to rewrite the names of streets and outdoor advertising, store signs, restaurants, etc., in the Latin alphabet.

“I also believe that the transition to the Latin alphabet will positively affect the process of studying the Kazakh language. According to the latest data, about 80 percent of the country’s citizens speak the state language, and every second young Kazakh knows English. Now, when the alphabet in these languages will be similar, it won’t be difficult to learn a new schedule for young people”, – the expert explains.

He claims that the younger generation is already using technology to communicate in Latin, which will become even more interesting for learning and will allow to interact with the whole world.

“I think that as a result of the transition to the Latin alphabet, there will be a mental unification with the numerous Kazakhs Diasporas living abroad. Today about 5 million of our compatriots live outside of Kazakhstan. Secondly, now, on behalf of the President, the principle of trilingual instruction of Kazakhstanis is realized and the transition to the Latin alphabet will greatly facilitate the learning of the English language. The Latin script will make the Kazakh language more accessible to studying by foreigners. Another argument in favor of the transition is to introduce the Kazakh language into the world space. This will help us to communicate with the peoples of the world, to contribute to world science and education. But I believe that, in general, the process of transition of the state language to the Latin alphabet should be gradual”, – A. Shaueyev noted.

Currently our Fund trains Russian-speakers Kazakh, and Kazakh-speakers Russian language under online course of the Kazakh language

“After the approval of the Latin alphabet we want to start developing the English-Latin version of the training portal As to us many compatriots from other countries, foreigners, representatives of foreign embassies send the request to prepare such version of website. The working language of instruction will be English, and the Kazakh version is planned to be made in Latin, familiar to foreigners and Kazakhs living abroad. Then we will train the population both English and the Latin alphabet”, – the expert concluded.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050