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Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Issues of personnel training for new economy discussed at the meeting of B. Sagintayev with students of Karaganda region

by April 25, 2018 Key Issues

In the course of the meeting, the issues of training personnel for the new economy, increasing the accessibility and quality of education, improving the living conditions of students, identified in the Five Social Initiatives of the President, were discussed.

As B. Sagintayev noted opening the meeting, in each region during the working trips he meets with working youth and students. The students of the Karaganda region have always been distinguished by the generation of new ideas and intellectual values.

Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that to implement the Five Initiatives of the President, the Government has adopted a Roadmap that includes specific activities and timelines for the implementation. In all regions of the country, the work on the fulfillment of the social initiatives has started. All necessary measures are being taken to execute the assigned tasks. B. Sagintayev emphasized that at the moment the Government is working to modernize the labor market infrastructure.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, Madina Abylkassymova, reported in more detail about this work, the Vice Minister of Education and Science, Bibigul Assylova, informed about the work being carried out to implement the third initiative of the President “Increasing the accessibility and quality of higher education and improving the living conditions of students,” the director of Karaganda Technical Construction College, S.Balabekova, told about the implementation of social initiatives in the college and the accessibility of inclusive education.

Speech by the student of the Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College, S. Normatov, was on the importance of the Worldskills International movement for training personnel in the new economy. The master of industrial training of the Karaganda Vocational and Technical College, K.Turambek, told about the dual training, industrial practice training, the employment of college graduates. Issues of employment, consolidation, housing provision in the framework of the Serpin Project were raised in the speech of the third-year student of the Karaganda Technical University, Zh. Argynbai, the speech of the sophomore student of the Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov, O. Kalmykova, was devoted to the issues of education quality insurance.

Summarizing the discussion, the Prime Minister drew attention to a number of topical issues in this sphere. Above all, B. Sagintayev recalled the Head of State’s statements that it is necessary to develop a new model of economic growth through increasing the competitiveness of the basic industries.

Bakytzhan Sagintayev also drew the participants’ attention to the need to train demanded personnel for new enterprises that foreign investors are building in the regions and instructed to establish contacts between universities and colleges with the shareholders of these industries to study the demand for technical specialties.

As an example, the Prime Minister cited the successful experience of one of the colleges in the Atyrau region, where specialists for the oil and gas sector are trained. In this regard, B. Sagintayev described the Government’s decision to open such colleges in every region of Kazakhstan.

Continuing the topic, Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that in each region the ratio of technical specialties, for which students are prepared, must meet the need. It is necessary to constantly study the labor market, inform students about the availability of vacancies for employment after graduation.

Following the discussion, the Prime Minister instructed the present ministers, the akim of the region to take control of all the issues raised.

For reference: Today, within the framework of the working visit, the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College and got acquainted with its work. Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College was founded in 1931. At present, 17 different specialties are taught in the college. In addition, it is planned to open the programs of information security, mobile communications, mechatronics and gas-handling facilities. For nonresident students there is a two-storey dormitory for 80 people and a Youth House” for 150 people.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan