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Monday, November 30th, 2020

Int’l Exhibition of Horticulture planned to be held in Kazakhstan


According to the press service of the national companies, the guest expressed his admiration for the organization and scale of the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017.

He also noted that for the upcoming large-scale event the candidacy of the city of Shymkent is considered.

“Thanks to EXPO-2017, you gain a great deal of experience in organizing international projects, which will be useful in the future. Today at the forum of South Kazakhstan region I shared the idea of holding of an international horticultural exhibition in Kazakhstan. This event will become a platform for the exchange of information and best practices in this sector. The cities where such exhibitions were held earlier acquire the status of a “Green City” and become catalysts for the development of horticulture in the region”, Tim Briercliffe noted.

In turn, Chairman of the national company Akhmetzhan Yessimov thanked Mr. Briercliffe for his positive response and noted that the Southern city of Kazakhstan is very suitable for holding an exhibition of gardening.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050