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Interview with Markhabat Zhayymbetov about mechanisms for providing housing to large and lowincome families


� Markhabat Zhayymbetovich, how is the process of housing distribution regulated? On what conditions large families can qualify for housing from the state?

� I must say that we have already made quite a few changes in the regulatory legal acts. April 30, 2019, changes were made to the Nurly Zher state program on the regulation of rental housing for large and lowincome families.

The issue of housing is regulated by the Law “On Housing Relations,” as well as a government decree on housing. In addition, there is a method of housing distribution.

Criteria: permanent residence in a particular village (there is a restriction for three cities � NurSultan, Almaty, Shymkent, where the time of permanent residence in one place must be at least three years), the absence of housing in ownership for the last 5 years, four or more children in the family.

We also started to provide housing to mothers awarded with Altyn Alka, Kumis Alka pendants, who have the status of Motherheroine. We introduced the concept of rental housing without the right of redemption, without the right of privatization. Housing is given to large families, lowincome families.

� Earlier it was said that the queue for housing will be updated and large families will be placed in a separate queue. How many large families are in the queue for housing and in which year all the waiting list will receive housing? How many large families will receive housing annually?

� Jan. 1, 2019, we had 487 thousand people in queues. Of these, from the category of socially vulnerable groups of the population � about 220 thousand people.

Large, lowincome families � 28,126 people. During the first quarter this number increased by 3 thousand people. Now more than 31,700 people are in this lineup.

It must be said that large funds were allocated in 2019: over 50 billion tenge over 7 years will be allocated for the construction of more than 40 thousand rental houses for akimats. Thus, 6 thousand apartments will be introduced annually. Housing construction will be fast.

There will be a separate queue for mothers with many children and those who received the Altyn Alka, Kumis Alka and the title Motherheroine. They will have the right to receive rental housing before others.

� As you know, the majority of large families today live in large metropolitan areas. When issuing housing will these disparities be taken into account?

� In the whole country, we have 340 thousand large families. About 30 thousand of them were awarded Altyn Alka or Kumis Alka. Most large families stand in lines for housing in the Turkestan, Almaty regions and the city of NurSultan. Therefore, larger funds are allocated to these regions. More preferential housing will be built in these localities.

� How can large families track their turn? Is there an integrated single base?

� Yes, there is. This is the eGov Government’s electronic portal, in addition, each akimat has its own information system. These two portals have a section for viewing the queue. It is there that you can see your number in the queue and other information regarding the issuance of housing.

� With regard to the quality of housing issued, what standards does it meet, who checks the quality?

� We carried out a quality control reform. Since 2016, the customer and the contractor with the participation of technical and architectural supervision are responsible for quality control. In the regions we have state architectural and construction control. Sample checks are conducted. In general, we are doing a lot of work in this direction. All the housing that is being built according to state programs belongs to comfort classes 3 or 4.

� What other options for issuing housing to large families are available in Kazakhstan?

� For those who do not want to wait for their turn to receive housing, we introduce the concept of preferential loans. Through Housing Construction Savings Bank for three years will be allocated for 50 billion tenge. Eighteen thousand loans will be allocated. We plan that within 25 years we will make three turns � these are 56 thousand loans and 56 thousand apartments. The interest rate will be 2%. The loan term is 20 years. Down payment � 10%. This concessional lending is intended for lowincome, large families, singleparent families, children with disabilities, with low incomes. 150 billion tenge were allocated for 18 thousand loans. This, I think, is a great help.

� What measures to support large families and lowincome families are provided by the local executive bodies?

� Local executive bodies can also finance the construction of rental housing. In addition, can help financially in the down payment. Each akimat can allocate nearly a million tenge from its budget in the form of a housing certificate. We are now introducing the concept of “Housing Certificate under the programs 72025, Nurly Zher and preferential loans. Akimat, enterprise or large businessmaen can help families from vulnerable groups of population with a down payment. We are developing rules for the housing certificate. Within 5 years, 85 billion tenge will be allocated through local executive bodies. Each akimat can allocate funds due to its capabilities. Previously, such funds were allocated under the 72025, Nurly Zher programs for doctors, teachers, and police officers, now we recommend that money be allocated to large, incomplete families with lowincome children with disabilities.

� Thanks for the interview!

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan