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International Forum of Journalists held in Turkestan

by October 31, 2018 Market

The International Forum of Journalists is being held in the cultural home Jan TA�rk?stan al?md?k aqparattyq ken?st?k of the city of Turkestan.

Along with our country, heads of information agencies and authoritative publications of such countries as Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, heads and media representatives of the Turkestan region, scientists and students participate in it.

The purpose of the forum is to form the main brand of the Turkestan region, raise the positive image of the region, and also turn the city of Turkestan into the spiritual center of all Turkic people, spread the good affairs of the region in the media of Turkic speaking countries and strengthen cooperation in the information field with other states. Along with this, systematization of new ideas and beginnings in the field of journalism in the region is envisaged, said akim of the Turkestan region, Janseiit Tuymebayev at the opening of the forum.

He noted the importance of the forum, stressing that such important councils have a beneficial effect on the development of media space, on the way to turning the city of Turkestan into the spiritual center of the whole Turkic people.

The goal of our meeting today in uniting foreign media, the leaders of our leading television channels and publications, editors and journalists of the region is to encourage everyone to work together and learn opinions in the direction of developing the revival of Turkestan. We are ready to listen to positions devoted to the development of the city and journalism. I think that specially invited leaders and representatives of Turkic speaking countries to the forum, in the future will contribute to the promotion of Turkestan at the international level. Through true and high quality information, it will be possible to develop tourism and attract investments, said the head of the region.

As the Akim notes, today, along with government officials, a number of your colleagues moved to the city of Turkestan, they are writing a new chronicle of Turkestan.

I invite you to work on the spiritual center of all the Turkic people. “I believe that you will not stand aside in the revival of Turkestan, in which the khans and bias who headed the Kazakh people, the warriors and honorary citizens of the Kazakh people were in the eternal settlement,” the Akim invited journalists.

He also expressed confidence that the forum will give a new breakthrough to the community of journalists and will lead to creative searches.

During the forum, famous journalists of Kazakhstan and representatives of foreign media drew attention to the fact that the formation of such a free area of opinions would provide an opportunity to further enhance the openness of the information space.

Chief Director of Kazakh Gazetter Shamshidin Patteev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Joint Stock Company of the Republican newspaper Egemen Kazakhstan Aibyn Shagalak, Chief Director of the Holding Nur Media Lyazzat Tanysbay, Chief Editor of the Aykyn newspaper Nurtore Zhusip Khabar Rinat Kertayev, editor in chief of the newspaper Ana tili Zhanarbek Ashimzhan, chief director of the international information agency Kazakparat Askar Omarov, chief director of the media holding 31 channel Ba gdat Kozhakhmetov, director of Effective Media Liaison LLP Sunkar Karabalin, chief director of the Public Television of Azerbaijan, Balakishi Kasumov, head of the representative office of the Turkish Television and Radio Corporation in Astana, Abdulhamit Avshar, expressed their views on improving the information sphere, as well as their opinions and suggestions on the development of the city of Turkestan , exchanged views with Turkestan journalists.

Within the framework of the forum, agreements and memorandums were signed between the department of internal policy of the Turkestan region and foreign publishing houses. It is planned to conclude an agreement with foreign publishers on the dissemination of information about the Turkestan region in the media of Turkic speaking countries.

The forum participants noted that such events have a beneficial effect on raising the tourist and spiritual potential of Turkestan, and indicated their readiness to assist in the development of Turkestan in the information space.

Source: Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan