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Innovative technologies for growing vegetables discussed by Zhambyl agrarians

by March 8, 2017 General

Taraz held a seminar themed “Integration of science and production” on innovative technologies, Governor’s Office of the region reported.

The seminar was attended by the agricultural scientists under the leadership of rector of the Kazakh National Agrarian University T.Yespolov.

The purpose of the event is the exchange of experience on the development of the mechanism for integrating science, education and production, improving the quality of agricultural education, and introducing innovations in production.

Governor of the region K. Kokrekbayev noted that in recent years the positive changes have taken place in the agrarian sector of the region, commodity production increases.

The introduction of water-saving technologies in the peasant farm “Talap” in Bayzak district allowed to yield 800-850 centners of sweet roots per one hectare. This year, the sowing of sweet roots is planned to increase by 150 hectares.

“This year’s Address pays particular attention to the development of agriculture. Working closely with KazNAU, we must maximize the development of agriculture. The main problem of our region is the fragmentation of farms. 70% of 17 thousand farms in the region are small farms”, the head of the region said.

It was also noted that the sugar beet seeds are imported from France. Such seeds cost the small peasant farms dearly. The introduction of modern scientific developments and innovations in production will allow to bring the development of not only the agrarian sector of our region, but also the country as a whole to a new level.

In addition, among the problems voiced by the agrarians there is small-scale agricultural production, low investment attractiveness, insufficient state support, import dependence of the country, poor provision of agriculture with modern innovative technologies.

During the seminar, the scientists discussed the issues related to the production of biofuels from renewable raw materials, innovative technologies for growing fruits and vegetables, and the rational use of pasture lands through the introduction of resource-saving technologies.

We remind that President N. Nazarbayev in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan “Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness” called agriculture a new driver of the economic development of the country. The document also notes that within five years it is necessary to create all conditions for uniting of more than 500,000 households and small farmers into the cooperatives and to increase the area of irrigated land by 40 percent and bring them up to two million hectares. Also, the volume of investments in agricultural research will be increased, which will be in demand in production.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050