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Indonesia Thwarts Trade Of Dozens Of Protected Birds, Nabs Four Traffickers

by October 4, 2019 Legal

Indonesian authorities foiled an illegal trade of nearly 100 birds, which are on the brinks of extinction and arrested four traffickers in the illegal activity.

On a crackdown in the country’s eastern Maluku province, the officials of Indonesian environment and forestry ministry, seized white cockatoos, parrots and other endangered birds, said Rasio Ridho Sani, director general for law enforcement of the ministry.

A total of 85 birds, which are critically endangered, have been seized, he disclosed on Thursday. The animals were handed to the natural resources conservation agency in the province, the official said.

Four people were arrested during the crackdown. They were declared suspects in the illegal activities.

Under the law, Rasio said, the suspects could face a maximum 5-year jail term and pay fine, if convicted.

Investigation has been carried out to break up network of the illegal trade of protected species, he said.

We will investigate the case to uncover the networks and the last buyers of the endangered species. Because this activity is against the law, said Rasio

Indonesia is known as the most species rich nation, as its large area of rain forest is home to numerous species spreading over 17,500 islands.