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Index of Kyrgyz Stock Exchange hits record high

by November 22, 2021 Market

As of Sept. 22, 2021, the index of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange reached a mark of 11180.88 points.

Experts attribute this factor to the growth of Manas International Airport securities, the value of which rose to KGS 571.65 last week, which influenced the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange Index. Currently, the number of shares of Manas airport is 27869044 units, the capitalization of KGS 15,931.20 million.

As the world practice shows, the dynamics of the value of shares depends on two main factors – the profit made by company and the discount rate (the desired return that investors expect when buying shares).

In this particular case, the increase in profits, which entailed an increase in the value of Manas airport’s securities, was influenced by an increase in the number of air traffic in 2021 due to a successful tourist season, despite coronavirus-related restrictions.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency