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Increase in prices for products during EXPO isn’t expected – MNE of Kazakhstan

by March 30, 2017 Health

“I don’t think that holding EXPO-2017 will affect the price level in a higher or a lower direction. At least, it is clear that this will somehow affect the prices of hotels, restaurants, entertainment and tourist objects. But from the point of view of influence on food prices: tourists who visit tourist objects, EXPO itself, live in hotels, go to museums and, probably, eat more in public catering places. Therefore, any increase or change in food prices we don’t expect during EXPO”, – the Minister emphasized.

According to him, the world exhibition coincides with the period when a seasonal decline in food products feels in the country.

“For most items this period is the harvest. From south we increased supplies of food, but both in center and north also own supplies begin. And from the point of view of hotels, tourist sites – here the situation is clear. This is good, as it is beneficial for our small and medium-sized business”, – T. Suleimenov concluded.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050