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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

In Vilnius, Kazakh fairy tales were published in Lithuanian

by December 24, 2018 Market

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Lithuania has published a collection of Kazakh fairytales in the Lithuanian language within the framework of the main provisions of the article “The Ruhi Zone” and the article “Seven sides of the Great Steppe.”

Nowadays legends about animal aitys, swans and “Dumbbells”, adventures of Aldar Kose and other famous heroes of Kazakh fairy tale will be available to small Lithuanian readers and their parents. The prizes were given to children who were receiving treatment at the Pediatrics Center in Vilnius City Hospital.

Presenting the children to the book, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Lithuania Viktor Temirbayev drew attention to interesting facts about our country. In particular, the Ambassador told about the distribution of apples and tulips to the world from the territory of modern Kazakhstan and the first time the horses were trained by the Great Steppe nomads.

Famous television and radio broadcaster Bernadette Lukkoushte, who has been studying several Lithuanian children’s programs, has told a number of fabulous stories about heroes of the Kazakh national fairy tales to young patients of the Pediatric Center. It is expected that Kazakh fairy tales will be broadcast on Lithuanian radio for children. In the near future hundreds of copies of Kazakh fairy tales will be distributed to Lithuanian libraries and schools.

You can also read the book at the book fair “Vilnius Book Fair”, which will be held in February 2019. Here is an official presentation of the collection.