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In the assault troops choose the best sniper pair to participate in the Army international games


Sniper paratrooper pairs compete for the right to represent Kazakhstan at the International Army Games in the Sniper Frontier competition.

The best snipers will have to pass an individual test, which will determine the rating of each of them. In the individual standings, snipers perform an exercise Sniper biathlon, during which shooting is carried out for a test, and sniper actions are shown in defense and offensive. Also, competitors surrender standards for shooting at night.

In the doubles competition, the best snipers compete in shooting at an aerial target, perform exercises to search for and destroy an object, demonstrate elements of special shooting and firing with the removal of the aiming point. At the final stage of selection, snipers have to overcome several obstacles, such as a wall with gaps, a ditch, and a passage in a wire fence.

The servicemen with the highest results will compete in the national team of the Armed Forces for the right to speak at the 2019 Army International Games.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan