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In the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan carried out a routine cleaning of military sites

by October 29, 2018 Medical

The servicemen of the engineersapper units of the Ground Forces carry out a planned cleaning of landfills occupying an area of more than 400 hectares, of which about 20% are located in mountainous areas, reports referring to MIA “Kazinform”.

Planned cleaning of landfills from unexploded ordnance is carried out 2 times a year. The main task is to destroy unexploded projectiles and ammunition in an explosive way, with the aim of ensuring security during training sessions with personnel.

When conducting events, military sappers are provided with special personal protective equipment, body armor, special sapper protective suits, which are equipped with the latest search and reconnaissance tools of mine detectors to detect explosive objects at a depth of up to 0.6 meters.

In the course of the work carried out, special attention is paid to the state and technical equipment of military shooting ranges, the improvement of the training and material base, issues of livelihoods and the arrangement of the field camp and field training team.

It should be noted that the military personnel of the engineersapper units of the Ground Forces are one of the few who, in peacetime, risking their lives, perform combat missions for the neutralization of explosive objects.

Source: Ministries of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan