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In Taraz, the Baiting Working Group is implementing activities within the Family Courts Project

by April 1, 2019 Fun

A working group “Bastau” was created under the project of the Family Courts initiated by the Zhambyl regional court.

Heads of akimat offices, non-governmental organizations and law enforcement agencies, which are members of the working group, are planning to implement a number of measures to strengthen the institution of the family. It is, of course, improving family relationships, reducing family-household disputes and domestic violence.

Such support is voluntary upon the consent of those in need of such assistance.

With the support of the family, the Child Protection Working Group arranges activities for counseling on couples who want to get married on the basis of the Civilian Guidance Committee. They also provide assistance in dealing with family issues, peacefully resolving conflicts.

For those who want to participate in the family, including children’s issues, there are “Open Days”. In this regard, there are lectures on professional counseling, about family life values, proper parental responsibilities, guardianship and guardianship, and the formation of minor children behavior. In addition, there is free psychological assistance, and steps are being taken to reconcile married couples who decide to divorce.

Judge of the regional court, Gulnara Asylbek, told about them and said that they would not be limited to solving them in the family and marriage disputes. They interact with the working group, improve family relationships, take measures to preserve the family and reconcile the parties.

Source: Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan