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In SK production of silk fabrics is established

by May 20, 2017 Fun

This year it is planned to provide work for 600 local residents.

“Favorable nature of the south contributes to the receipt of 1 hectare of income in the amount of about 1 million tenge. In addition, with additional cultivation of silkworm and production of products, you can get additional profit of 1 million tenge. In connection with great demand, you can sell this product to Eastern Europe, South Korea and China,” the report says.

According to the report, from every hectare of land receive up to 50 tons of leaves. This sort of mulberry tree is derived from the joint work of domestic and foreign scientists. The product was named – “Nyrly Zher”.

Note that this type of mulberry tree is obtained as a result of crossing plants and is resistant to spring colds. Thousands of silkworm caterpillars consuming these leaves are grown in small 40-gramm boxes. The initial weight of silkworms does not exceed 30-40 g and increases with time to 70 times.

Clothing made of silk, sewn in Kazakhstan, blends harmoniously with modern clothes. And bright, beautiful fabrics in most cases use when tailoring national costumes.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050