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Friday, January 28th, 2022

In Kyrgyzstan, men more likely to commit suicide than women

by November 22, 2021 Legal

In Kyrgyzstan, men are more likely to commit suicide three times more often than women, the press service of the National Statistics Committee of the republic said Monday.

The mortality rate of men in traffic accidents is also three times higher than that of women.

Unnatural causes of death (injuries, poisonings and some other consequences of external causes – 2,252 deaths, or 5.6% of the total number of deaths in 2020) account for a significant share in the structure of death causes.

Deaths from unnatural causes are mostly characteristic of the working-age population (1,723 deaths, or 13.5% of the total number of working-age deaths in 2020).

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency