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In Kazakhstan, conducted the first operation on the implantation of a mechanical heart

by February 6, 2019 Fun

A team of Kazakhstan heart surgeons under the leadership of Yuri Py and partners from the Czech Republic, Israel, Italy and the United States successfully conducted a unique operation to implant an assisted circulatory device.

The Chairman of the Board of the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center JSC, MD, 27th President of the World Society of Cardiac Thoracic Surgeons (WSCTS), Chief Cardiac Surgeon of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yuri Pya.

According to international statistics, 26 million people in the world suffer from chronic heart failure, and about 900 thousand new patients are diagnosed annually. Of this number, about 800 thousand patients need heart transplantation, of which between 7% and 50% of people die during the first five years of diagnosis, without waiting for a donor heart, the doctor said.

According to him, the gold standard in the treatment of this pathology is transplantation, however, due to the shortage of donor organs, the use of mechanical heart support is actively developing.

Today’s conference is dedicated to the implementation of an international project. Colleagues from America, Israel, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and representatives from Kazakhstan arrived. I am very proud that we are involved in this project. In the world, for the first time, the implementation of clinic projects took place here in Kazakhstan – in Astana, in the national cardiac surgery center, and taking advantage of the moment, I would like to thank all the colleagues of this international group for finding time to arrive in 1000 km here in Astana, Kazakhstan, to participate in landmark I would say for us events. This is really a breakthrough project in the field of heart failure. When 50 years ago, for the first time in the world, China carried out a heart transplant in South Africa, so the implantation of a fully artificial system to support human life took place here in Astana. This is a very important event. And this shows that Kazakhstan has the potential, there is technology and the development of science. Therefore, I once again express my deep gratitude to this group. Only consolidation and event allow us to implement projects that help our patients and support their lives. The first patient is here today among us! I compared it with the first astronaut. Today you will have the opportunity to see him and talk, said Y. Pya.

The heart surgeon noted that the use of innovative technology – a fully implantable heart support system – was a revolutionary breakthrough in surgical treatment.

The team of the National Cardiac Surgery Center (hereinafter referred to as NSCC) took part in the multi-year development of international colleagues, which was the choice of the center for the first operation in the world. The Fully Implantable Device (FIVAD) is the world’s first assistive device that allows patients to live without a direct connection to an external power source. FIVAD has great promise in changing the paradigm and approaches in the treatment of end-stage heart failure. We are pleased to present this breakthrough technological achievement, which will allow patients to lead a full and high-quality life after surgery, said the doctor.

The doctor noted that the system of the auxiliary device of the left ventricle of the heart is the safest for patients, allowing them to move freely.

The operated patient practically returned to a normal lifestyle, has the opportunity not only to do everyday activities, but even to swim, which was not possible when using other models of similar devices, said Y. Pya.

LeviticusCardioLtd., Inventor of wireless power technology for FIVAD, plans to expand its clinical use, reduce risks and improve the quality of end-stage heart failure treatment. Moreover, this innovation can expand the scope of therapy and provide a technological alternative that is almost equivalent to heart transplantation, which in turn is limited by a shortage of donors.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan