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In first quarter of 2019, 1,800 state medical care quotas issued for hightech services – Ministry of Healthcare


According to her, such services are not provided by all medical organizations. For this, it is necessary to have an adequate human resources and material and technical base. For example, this is a transplantation of kidneys, fetal cells, implantation of bone conduction. There are hightech services for which the Public Health Committee permits depending on the criteria. Then, when concluding a contract with the Social Health Insurance Fund, this service is provided free of charge.

We have a positive trend in increasing the volume of hightech medical services. If we compare the annual figures, then in 2016 about 71 thousand people received hightech medical services, in 2018 it was already 105 thousand people, the vice minister informed.

At the same time, according to her, as medical organizations begin to provide hightech medical services, they can go on to the category of specialized medical care where there is no quota, i.e., a limit on volumes. It was noted that the limits are determined depending on the demand of the population.

If there is a need for these technologies, for example, in endoprosthetics of 1,000 patients, then, having tracked the historical volume of services provided over the past years, it is determined that this year, taking into account population growth, such a number of population will be needed. That is, the limitation of certain services necessarily takes into account the demand of the population for this technology, Aktayeva stressed.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan