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In Almaty, energy-saving LED lighting will be installed for more than 120 streets

by February 18, 2019 Fun

For comfortable and safe urban environment, the street lighting system renovation and the architectural lighting installation of the iconic objects of Almaty are still continued. This year, new LED lamps will be on more than 120 city streets.

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure Development of the city, previously more than 30% of the street lighting in Almaty was changed from old gas-discharge lamps to LED and energy-saving lamps. In general, thanks to the public-private partnership, it is planned to modernize almost 1,400 km of outdoor lighting lines with the construction of more than 42 thousand poles and the installation of about 46 thousand LED lamps.

In addition, this year, as part of the improvement of neighborhoods, new lighting will appear in almost 600 old courtyards. Previously, new lamps were installed in almost 1,400 renovated courtyards. Special attention within the framework of the city for people concept will be paid to pedestrian zones, where pavement lighting will also be installed.

It should be mentioned that in contrast to currently operating incandescent lamps, which need a certain time to warm up, the LEDs instantly go into a given mode. With equal parameters of luminous flux and brightness, LED lamps consume almost 2.5 times less electricity compared to gas-discharge lamps.

In addition, modern LEDs have a high color rendering. Their minimum coefficient is 70 10 Ra. At the same sodium lamps, this figure is almost a third lower. That is, LED-lamps with their high characteristics allow you to see objects more naturally, which is very important for drivers of vehicles.

This year, the modernization of urban spaces will continue in Almaty. Today, two thirds of the historical center of the city has been reconstructed, 524 streets and every third Almaty courtyard have been repaired. 300 km of channels and nearly 1000 km of utilities have been repaired . All subways of the city have been reconstructed.

Under the transport reform, only last year, 500 new buses entered the city routes. This year, the update of the city’s bus fleet will continue.

Source: Official Internet Resource of Almaty City