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In Almaty, another 53 large families received the keys to the apartments by the program “Bakytty otbasy”


In Almaty, by the city program Bakytty otbasy initiated on the instructions of Elbasy, low-income families with many children continue to receive their own housing.

If literally two weeks ago, 44 large families received the keys to apartments in the residential complex Ush Sunkar, now another 53 families have become owners of their own housing in the residential complex Adiet.

According to the mother of four children, Asem Kenzhebekova, she and her husband are preparing to repair a new apartment.

We bought a 2-room apartment for 15.7 millions tenge. Monthly payment amounted to 80 thousands tenge. The down payment was paid using a housing certificate provided by the executive committee. Now we plan to make repairs and move in so that the children start a new school year in a new school, she says.

In turn, the family of Firuza Koshkarova has been in the housing queue since 2015.

Having learned about the beginning of the housing program for large families, we decided to submit documents. We were offered apartments in different residential complexes, but we have chosen the residential complex Adiet. There is a fairly developed infrastructure,she shares.

Mortgage loan under the program Bakytty otbasy is issued for the purchase of new housing in the amount of up to 15 millions tenge at 2% per annum. In addition, the executive committee provides a free housing certificate in the amount of 1 million tenge. At the same time low-income families with many children are allocated in a separate queue for housing.

It should be noted that in Almaty a number of comprehensive measures were taken to support low-income large families, including social benefits, targeted assistance, employment and retraining, scholarships for schoolchildren and students. The newly created Public Foundation “Bakytty otbasy” for 4 months covered the support of about 3.5 thousands families.

Source: Official Internet Resource of Almaty City