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Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

In Aktobe region 1st stage of “Nurly Zher” project to be completed in autumn


According to the report, a deadline for the construction of a guickly erectable low-rise loan housing is on August 20.

It is worth noting that most of the materials used in the construction of facilities are produced by local enterprises. More than 551 thousand pieces of bricks are produced daily in Aktobe, which considerably exceeds the demand of the builders engaged in the implementation of the pilot project.

Recall, by order ot the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016, the Government developed a single program of housing construction “Nurly Zher” for 2017-2031. The program is designed to provide even more Kazakh families with affordable housing. For 15 years, the program “Nurly Zher” is planned to build about 1.5 million affordable housing. The main goal of the program is a comprehensive solution of the problems of housing construction, ensuring a further increase in the affordability of housing for the population.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050