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In 2017, 6 new specialties will be opened in the capital’s colleges

by November 17, 2016 Legal

Due to the shortage of personnel in the sectors of industry, communications, service and maintenance, medicine and education next year it is planned to open six new specialties in colleges (“Mechatronics in “Maintenance, repair and operation of road transport”, “Bridges and transport tunnels”, “electric power stations and networks”, “Electro-mechanical equipment industry”, “Installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment”, “Library Science”).

According to the Department of Education of Astana, state educational order on technical professions in-demand increased at 10 percent, compared with the previous year. In the current year 4025 places were allocated which are financed from the local budget. For comparison: in 2015, 3636 students studied by state order.

It is also planned to open three resource centers in the capital in addition to four functioning ones: 1) for the training of specialists in the fields of housing and utilities services, industrial and civil construction, cottage and house with few floors construction in conjunction with “Ingri Kazakhstan” LLP; 2) for industrial floors construction technology, concrete repair and waterproofing of the equipment together with the “Techno Nicole” – building innovation” LLP; 3) for turnery and metal industry together with JSC “Locomotive Kurastyru zauyty”. In addition, there will be another training center for skills development with the medical and pharmaceutical education in conjunction with dental clinic “Sophie Dent”.

To solve the problem with the shortage of teachers, one group (25 people) at the faculty of extramural training under the specialty of “Preschool education and training” was opened on the basis of the Eurasian Humanitarian Institute.

For personnel training for EXPO-2017, service and maintenance specialties are taught in English in five city colleges

Source: Akimat of Astana