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Implementation of State Program on Countering Religious Extremism and Terrorism considered at Government meeting

by April 4, 2017 World Sports

N.Bilisbekov reported that positive changes in preventive work have been outlined, the tolerant religious consciousness and immunity to radical ideology are being strengthened during the program implementation. Prevention of religious extremism in educational institutions has been intensified. Explanatory work is conducted on religious issues. There is Akniet rehabilitation center, which works with convicted radicals.

According to the data of 2016, targeted prevention covered about 32% followers of non-traditional religious movements. In total, about 90% were covered over the years of the implementation of the State program.

As a result of purposeful work, 70 leaders and activists of the Salafi communities are loyally inclined towards a loyal attitude to the values of the Kazakh society. 91 citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been foiled and blocked to travel abroad for fraternization on the side of international terrorist organizations.

During the reporting period, 12 terrorist and other violent, extremist actions were not allowed on the territory of the country. In all, 123 radicals were convicted for terrorist and religious extremist crimes.

He also noted that within the framework of the fulfillment of the tasks set, the organizational and technical potential of the security forces is growing. Conditions have been created to increase the security of objects vulnerable to terrorism. The readiness of regional headquarters to respond to terrorist threats has been increased.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan