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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Implementation of SPIID contributed to an increase in the volume of manufacturing by 5.7% – Zh. Kassymbek

by March 27, 2018 Key Issues

The Minister for Investments and Development, Zhenis Kassymbek, reported that the successful implementation of the SPIID in 2017 contributed to an increase in the manufacturing industry by 5.7% compared to the 2015 indicators. The growth was mainly due to increased production in the spheres of metallurgy, oil refining, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, and food production.

Export of manufacturing industry in 2017 increased by 10.5% by 2015 and amounted to $15.5 billion. The volume of investments in manufacturing in 2017 increased by 8.8% compared to 2015 and amounted to 981.6 billion tenge.

As part of the State Program, for the three years, 378 projects were introduced for the amount of more than 3 trillion tenge, more than 30 thousand permanent jobs were created. In 2017, 120 projects were introduced for 1.5 trillion tenge with the creation of 10 thousand permanent jobs.

According to the Minister Zhenis Kassymbek, such industrial projects will be introduced in 2018, such as the railway wheels production complex of Prommashkomplekt LLP, the plant for the production of steel welded pipes of large diameter, Asia Steel Pipe Corporation LLP, and others. In general, by the end of 2018 it is planned to introduce 150 new projects worth more than a trillion tenge with the creation of about 15 thousand permanent jobs.

“With a view to implementing the President’s instructions given in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan, we started to work out the Concept of Industrial and Innovative Development of Kazakhstan for 2020-2024. We will finish this work before the end of 2018 “, Zhenis Kassymbek summed up.

For reference: According to the Ministry for Investments and Development, to date, Kazakhstan’s manufacturing products are exported to 122 countries around the world, one-third of the exported products fall to the non-primary sector of the economy. The growth of supplies of Kazakhstani products to the countries of Central Asia by 30% was observed. The total volume of exports to these countries was $1.5 billion. Kazakhstan is among the top five suppliers and occupies 8% of the share in the imports of these countries.

Products of the food industry and AIC are in great demand abroad, the total volume of exports amounted to $1.6 billion. In particular, the supply of meat and poultry products to Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates and Iran, vegetable oil and honey to China began. Annually more than 380 exporters receive financial and service support.

In order to introduce the elements of Industry 4.0, it is necessary to ensure the improvement and development of new tools for the modernization and digitization of domestic enterprises with an emphasis on the export and transfer of technologies. In parallel, projects will be implemented to introduce Industry 4.0 technologies at the strategic enterprises of MMC.

Also, the Minister of Energy, Kanat Bozumbayev, and the Minister of National Economy, Timur Suleimenov, delivered reports on the SPIID implementation performance in 2017.Also, the Minister of Energy, Kanat Bozumbayev, and the Minister of National Economy, Timur Suleimenov, delivered reports on the SPIID implementation performance in 2017.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan