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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Implementation of President’s Address: Ninety percent of sports complexes to be built in rural areas

by January 23, 2019 Fun

In the Address, the Head of State focused on the development of mass sports and improving the health of the population. Zharasbayev emphasizes that the Ministry of Culture and Sports in its policy puts these issues fundamental. According to the Agency of Statistics, the 2018 results indicate that about 29.8% of the population is regularly engaged in sports. This is just over 5 million people, including all age categories.

In order to meet the demand of this population in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sports, naturally, sports facilities are needed. Today, according to the Statistics Agency, there are more than 9 thousand sports facilities in both rural and urban areas in the country. These are basic facilities. Their availability and quality are also noted in the Address of the Head of State. An instruction was given to increase the construction of sports facilities. Today, together with local and other state bodies, we are carrying out this work, said Committee Chairman Zharasbayev.

As part of the fulfillment of the Head of State’s instructions to increase the coverage of the country’s population in physical education and sports, special attention is paid to the development of mass sports among children and young people.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science, a little more than 80% of schools are provided with sports halls and sports facilities.

There is still room for improvement, there is room for growth, especially since sport starts at school. School sport is the key link to rely on. If we imagine a certain pyramid in the sport, where the Olympic Games are at the top, then the whole basis is made up of junior and school sports, which is well represented in the country today, said Zharasbayev.

According to the committee chairman, today more than 400 children’s youth sports schools work all over the country, where more than 400 thousand people are engaged. Zharasbayev stressed that these organizations are open to athletes who are striving for great results. There is a clear selection system in the schools. There are certain periods: groups of initial training, training, sports skills, higher skills, etc. Coaches and school management understand the potential of everyone already at the initial stage, and recommend their pupils to higher organizations.

I would like to emphasize in these schools are free of charge in Kazakhstan. All state sports schools are maintained at the expense of local or regional budgets and are funded by the state. Getting into a youth school is quite simple. The main thing is the absence of contraindications from the doctor, Zharasbayev informed.

At the same time, in all regional centers there are specialized boarding schools for children gifted in sports. These are more specialized organizations which select the best participants who meet the following criteria � sports titles, the presence of ranks, the availability of prizes at republican international competitions, participation in various republican tournaments � from the above-mentioned schools. Today, there are 12 regional and five republican boarding schools in the country. The total number of students is 8 thousand people.

The National Plan of the Government was approved in the implementation of the Address Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Income and Quality of Life, where three points are marked � 44, 46, 48, which the Ministry of Culture and Sports is directly responsible for implementing. One of these points is the construction of 100 fitness centers.

As Zharasbayev noted, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, together with interested authorities and local executive bodies, carried out a needs analysis, identified the main criteria where these facilities will be built. These are settlements with a population of at least 3 thousand people. It was taken into account that the growth points in these settlements were fundamental, there was a need for sports and the desire of the population to play sports. As a result, a list of localities was determined, where 100 health and fitness centers will be built within three years.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Committee noted that new physical culture and recreation centers will be built predominantly in rural areas.

After analyzing, we determined exactly rural areas, 90% is rural areas. But there are some cities that have expressed a desire to build the centers. As a rule, all our Olympics participants were from the village and we must create conditions and build the centers in the village, where there is great potential, Zharasbayev emphasized.

Public-private partnership also contributes to the construction of sports facilities, attracting private investment in the development of sports and there are some benefits. As noted by Zharasbayev, in 2017-2018 the Street Workout Federation together with the Ministry of Culture and Sports has been actively involved in the construction of open sports grounds. In two years, the organization has managed to build about 70 open sites at its own expense in all regions of the country. Sites operate on a free basis.

Workout is a street gymnastics, which can be attributed to the amateur sport, physical culture and is a sports subculture. It includes the implementation of various exercises on the outdoor athletic fields, namely on the horizontal bars, uneven bars, walls and other structures, or without their use.

This is a certain element of PPP. Together with the Federation, we appealed to local executive bodies with a request to provide us with land for the installation of these simulators. Akimat provided a land plot, then the Federation built the object. This work will continue. The National Olympic Committee also joined the work, explained Zharasbayev.

In the regions in 2017�2018 about 30 health and fitness complexes were built in the framework of public-private partnership.

Also Zharasbayev notes the increased interest of entrepreneurs.

About 10 years ago, not all businessmen were so eager to go into the construction of sports facilities: forgive it was to build a trading house, rent it out and receive dividends from it. Today, thanks to such a program, businessmen are ready to join the sport and build sports facilities, said the chairman of the Committee on Sports and Physical Culture.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan