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Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Implementation of President’s Address: At oil enterprises of Atyrau region, workers received 30% wage raise

by November 28, 2018 Politics

Local oil enterprises of the Atyrau region have begun work to improve the financial stability of their employees as part of the tasks set in the President’s Address to the people of Kazakhstan. A number of companies have already increased their employees’ salaries by an average of 1030%.

The workshop head at the Caspian Contractors Trust LLP M. Zharylgapov noted that he began his career as an average specialist more than 10 years ago. When the workshop has a lot of orders, he, counting allowances, receives up to 350 thousand tenge.

The position and salary increases every year. Before that, I earned 250 thousand tenge. After the President’s Address, the leadership raised the salary by 50 thousand tenge. The average salary of workers is 100150 thousand tenge. Salary increase became a big support for the family, Zharylgapov said.

At this enterprise, 255 people produce metal structures � 2,000 tons in just one month. At the moment, the salary of 50% of employees has been increased. Most of them are working specialties. In the future, representatives of the company plan to bring this figure to 100%.

According to the latest data, dozens of small and mediumsized enterprises have committed to raise wages from the new year, and economically strong companies, having become an example, are already showing concrete results.

According to the Director of the Atameken Chamber of Entrepreneurs in the Atyrau region A. Idressov, at present, state bodies and organizations supporting small and mediumsized businesses are jointly carrying out explanatory work for employers.

We were at six oil enterprises of Atyrau region, where about 250300 people work. Their salary increased by 1030%. In addition, representatives of small and medium businesses are also trying to contribute to the implementation of the Head of State’s instructions, said Idressov.

Large companies that support the Head of State’s policy intend to gradually increase the salaries of their employees. The working conditions, professional qualifications and experience of specialists will be taken into account. Since domestic entrepreneurs understand that only with a decent payment, a quality product will be produced.

Recall, earlier the enterprises of the East Kazakhstan region said about the intention to increase the salary to their employees. From Jan. 1, 2019, the construction company Firma Asia LLC will increase the minimum wage to employees by 50%. Bakyrchik Mining Enterprise LLP is also considering the issue of increasing employee salaries.

In the Almaty region, the decision to increase the minimum wage to employees was announced by Almaty Paint LLP, Abdi Ibrahim Global Farm LLP, Zharkent Starch Factory.

In the Karaganda region, from October 2018, wages were increased by 34% to employees of the Mutlu Export LLP plant.

In Pavlodar region, in support of the President’s Address, from Jan. 1, 2019, the salaries of 23 thousand employees of the Eurasian Group will be increased.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan