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Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Implementation of anti-flood measures allowed to pass critical levels without losses – Ministry of Internal Affairs


The flood prevention works over the past period were more or less satisfactory in 2019 thanks to the implementation of the Roadmap (A set of measures to prevent and eliminate flood threats for 2017-2020), which will be completed in 2020. This is the preventive work of local executive bodies during the flood period. A lot of work was carried out in Karaganda, Akmola regions and the critical levels that were reached in some areas allowed us to pass without serious consequences, some private territories were flooded. The services worked promptly, said thee vice minister.

As of April 25, 2019, North Kazakhstan region is under control, where April 21, due to the rising level of the Ishim River, there was an overflow through the roadway of the Chelyabinsk-Novosibirsk republican road. There is no threat to residential buildings in Zarechny settlement on the territory of Petropavlovsk. Pavlodar region is also under control due to planned water discharges from the Shulbinsky reservoir.

“In order to prevent flooding of settlements located along the river Irtysh in Pavlodar region, work has been done to strengthen the existing defenses and ravines, observation posts have been set up, 9 settlements located in the area of possible flooding have been identified, the population has been notified, Ilyin informed.

According to him, in comparison with previous years, the situation in 2019 was stable, without any particular complications, except for the current situation at the end of March and beginning of April in the Akmola region.

In an expeditious manner, measures were taken to evacuate the residents of these houses to safe places, and water was pumped out. Destroyed houses and houses in an emergency condition were not registered.

In general, due to the work of local executive bodies, departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a number of other ministries, the situation with floods is less difficult compared to the previous year, that is, there are no such huge areas, settlements that would be flooded or caused enormous material damage. In general, today the situation with floods in the country has stabilized, said Ilyin.

It should be noted that prior to the beginning of the flood period and during its passage, the Emergency Situations Department together with the local executive bodies implemented a set of measures to prevent flooding of settlements. The cleaning of 11 thousand kilometers of aryks and canals was carried out. 12 million m3 of snow was removed from settlements. On the roads, 33 thousand water treatment facilities were cleared, 7 thousand on the railway tracks. For the prevention and elimination of the consequences of floods, reserves were prepared for 10 thousand tons of fuel and lubricants, 281 thousand tons of inert materials, 1 million bags and 40 tons of explosives.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan