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I want to meet people’s expectations – Dias Tastanbekov


Winner of the first stage of 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project, young chemist, author of unique developments, Dias Tastanbekov, spoke about the significance of the project, people’s trust and how he wants to justify it. Read more in the article of the Information Agency.

– Dias, tell us about your scientific activity and how it started.

– When choosing a subject for the UNT, I was determined between physics, chemistry and mathematics. And, finally, I chose chemistry. I entered the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Studying in the fourth course, I was preparing for further training in the magistracy. I applied for the Bolashak scholarship and continued my studies in England, Sheffield College. After returning from England, I worked for 4.5 years as a junior research assistant at Nazarbayev University Research Center. Then about a year I worked as a head of the laboratory at KBTU. After merging KBTU with Polytechnical University our laboratory moved to Polytechnical University. Six months later, I left it. Now I do not work anywhere as a hired worker. Independently I am engaged in the development of projects. I have an office, a small laboratory where I conduct simple experiments.

– What projects do you work on?

– There is one commercial project – artificial cultivation of plants. In other words, aeroponica. We do not need land. We do not depend on soil, because we feed all the necessary substances through water and plants grow in conditions that we create ourselves. We do not depend on the climate, weather and geographical location. My friends and I also host a science and entertainment program on the YouTube channel. We talk about complex things in simple language in a humor manner. The program is called “Q-100” in honor of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The channel is conducted in order to promote science, increase awareness.

– What did participation in 100 New Faces of Kazakhstan project give you?

– This is a credit of trust and I want to justify it. I want to meet people’s expectations. For this, I need to continue what I do.

– How can you assess the significance of this project?

– I am pleased that people write and ask about me. It helps me a lot in business. For doctors, teachers, I think, this is a recognition of their importance.

– As far as I know, you speak five languages. Are you currently learning any language?

– At the moment I am improving my German. I am planning to go to study in Germany

Source: Kazakhstan 2050