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Saturday, December 5th, 2020

How will the little balapan channel please the little viewers in the days of Nauryz?


The children’s channel balapan in the spring television season launched 22 projects, 6 of them are of their own production, 10 best foreign animation and documentaries, also 3 television series and 3 projects for You Tube.

This year for the first time on our TV channel we launched the morning entertainment program Takzharyk , which is aired on Saturday and Sunday. And in the unique project Balamen Sakhbat, little journalists talk with famous personalities of our country, where the older generation shares their knowledge and interesting life experiences. Balapan TV channel for the spring holiday Nauryz also prepared several special projects. Recently, all active schools of Astana, with which we creatively cooperate, took part in the competition for national games “Naruyz-Duman.” In this event, 8-9-year-old students competed in different types of national games, such as: b??a tartys, k?y tartys, Kazakhsha kres, zhamby atu, asy? atu On the holidays, we plan to show them on the air. Such projects are very important and useful for the younger generation, because

She told about the projects of the TV channel – festive special issues telling about the national traditions and customs of our people.

6-year-old Bekmansur Timuruly, who was nicknamed the best boy , will become a guest of the Tazhary program. He will show his skills in the game in asyki. And little cooks will cook our national dishes in the studio. In the program Bala Time, the famous singer Maira Ilyasova will hold the ceremony of the tsau kesu rite. In the Balamen Sakhbat program, the famous ethnographer Zhambyl Artykbayev will tell about forgotten national games and share interesting facts, shared Makpal Zhumabai.

In addition, according to Makpal Zhumabay, on holidays, children will see Disney’s animated films Magic World and Beauty and the Beast in the Kazakh language.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan