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How will leisure time of Zhambyl children be organized in summertime?

by May 19, 2017 Fun

In the summer period of this year, 196 566 pupils of the 1st – 10th classes will be able to rest and gain strength before the new academic year. Among them, 60 451 are from categories of orphans and children left without parental care, foster care and children with disabilities.

By the way, in the region there are 6 state and 4 non-public health camps located in the picturesque places of Zhambyl, Zhualyn, Bayzak, Korday, Merken, Ryskulov and Sarysu districts.

Also for children will be school and tent camps, republican health centers, courtyard clubs. Tours, hikes, sports camps, clubs and work groups will be organized.

Each school has developed plans for a variety of intellectual activities. With the participation of employees of education departments and heads of suburban camps and school recreation areas, it is planned to hold a training seminar for senior counselors.

According to the information of the Governor’s Office, this year 315 million 208 thousand tenge was allocated for the improvement of children from the local budget. To attend the international exhibition EXPO-2017, funds are provided for 5691 children from low-income families and 70 gifted students.

In addition, in the summer period it is planned to attract students of the 3rd and 4th year of higher education as volunteers for learning English on the basis of the Kazakh-Turkish boarding schools.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050