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How to get medical help within MSHI once you get ill in another city


In fact, all 18 million citizens are attached. However, many are, thanks to God, healthy, who do not either go, or use. Nevertheless, money is financed and in case of necessity you can get any type of help at the place of residence. But during travel, it is certain that in case of emergency situation, the help can be received in any part of Kazakhstan. There is no problem, it means if you call to an ambulance you will get medical help, because it has nothing to do with the insurance. In fact, this system has always been efficient. All types of medical help will be provided within that system, the Minister said.

In turn, in the event of a long-term business trip of a citizen, he or she is recommended to attach to a permanent address of residence.

Another issue is in case of a long-term business trip, change of residence or if you need any planned medical services, if you want to be examined in a hospital, the issue is not indecisive. In that case we recommend you to attach yourself to a place of temporary residence and get the help on a spot. We have also been creating a system of electronic passports, which will enable a doctor to identify you by IIN as well as the whole record of your illnesses in the hospital you have chosen, Yelzhan Birtanov concluded.

According to the Head of the Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan, a system of electronic passports in the country will be completely provided by 2020.

Earlier, Yelzhan Birtanov told about a current situation of mandatory health insurance during the session of the Government. In particular, the Ministry has concerned packages of state amount of free medical support.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050