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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

How is country celebrating 25th anniversary of state symbols


State symbols are symbols of any independent country, the personification of sovereignty, the inviolability of history. This is a special kind of spiritual wealth through which a state gains its power. How is the country, including our capital, celebrating the State Symbols Day? Read in the material of a correspondent of

On June 4, 1992 the state symbols of our country were approved by three separate laws. And in January 1996 the provisions of these laws were consolidated in the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan on the basis of the Constitutional Law “On the State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The holiday of the state symbols day is quite young. In accordance with the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan No. 337 of June 4, 2007 “On Amending the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 20, 1998, No 382 “On Professional and Other Holidays in the Republic of Kazakhstan”” the 4th of June 4 in the country is celebrated as the Day of the State Symbols.

The State symbols are the distinctive signs of the state established by the constitutional law. As you know, this is the State Flag, the State Emblem and the State Anthem.

The main idea of the State Symbols Day is the strengthening of the patriotism of youth and the unity of all nations, propaganda of the values and achievements of the independent country.

In Kazakhstan, all cities have started to hold events dedicated to the Day of the State Symbols.

All cultural organizations, pupils, students and young people take an active part in the celebrations. Firts of all, it is a holiday for young people – future professionals of their business and true patriots of their country.

At the same time, large-scale events, forums, concerts dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the state symbols and organized by Mayor’s Offices of cities are held in the large cities such as Astana, Almaty, Karaganda, Taraz, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Shymkent, Aktau.

Also there are also sporting events – marathons, bike rides, car rides, timed precisely to this day. For example, on June 3, Mayor’s Office of the city of Astana, the Department of Physical Culture and Sport of the capital and the Directorate for the conduct of sports and mass events organize a mass bike ride dedicated to the Day of the State Symbols of Kazakhstan. This event is held annually and gathers more than 2500 people, professionals and fans of cycling.

This time the participants of the bike ride have to overcome the distance of 10 km 500 m along Kabanbai batyr avenue, then along Korgalzhin highway, along Turan avenue and finish at the stadium “Astana Arena”. Every year the bike ride is supported by sportsmen, public figures, famous personalities of the capital, taking direct part in the event.

Indeed, the state symbols are inextricably linked with the victories and achievements of the country. Therefore, our symbols are highlighted in the major sporting events of the world. Our compatriots-champions proudly bear Kazakhstan’s Flag at the Olympics and world competitions.

Our cosmonauts also take the State Flag with them to the space. Our Anthem sounded at the North and South Poles.

Continuing the theme of the events, on June 2, the leaders of the local and state bodies reported to Secretary of State Gulshara Abdykalikova on the events held on the Day of the State Symbols and on the work on using and propagating the state symbols.

It should be noted that the regions held youth forums with the participation of the Governors of the regions. All of them showed the importance of this day.

On the same day Astana held the main events. In Studencheskiy Park, there were concerts, motor trips and cognitive flash mobs.

The concert event, which took place in Studencheskiy Park, was organized by the Department for youth policy of Astana and the youth maslikhat.

“We are honored to organize this event, as it is of great importance for our people. The event is of patriotic significance, so that young people and citizens of the city do not forget about this holiday. State symbols are the personification of a nation, a country. We, as deputies of the youth maslikhat, should always hold such events at the city level. We are grateful to Mayor’s Office, that it gives such an opportunity to show themselves”, organizer, deputy of the youth maslikhat of Astana Dana Kubenova said.

We also note that on June 1 this year the organizers held an auto-ride and a blitz-poll with the residents of the city.

So, according to the message of the youth maslikhat, about 200 people were involved in the survey. The survey was conducted in order to know the state symbols – the Emblem, the Flag, the Anthem of our country. As the result showed, about 85% of the surveyed population definitely showed their knowledge on the positive side.

The event was continued by a flash mob of 25 sports cars. After the official and concert program, balloons with holiday logos – “25 years of state symbols of Kazakhstan” were launched into the sky. Kazakh pop stars took part in the concert.

As for the auto-race, the motor race of sports cars started at 01:00 pm in the city.

25 sport cars with a column passed through the left bank of the capital. They finished at the monument “Kazakh Eli”, lined up in the form of number 25.

At the same time, Mazhilis deputy Gennady Shipovskikh supported this initiative and specially attended the event. He told the young people about the importance of this day, how important are our state symbols for the people. He also explained the role of a patriot as a whole and congratulated all residents of Kazakhstan on the 25th anniversary of the state symbols.

“Today is a very significant day. Firstly, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the independence of our country, and secondly, today the whole country celebrates the 25th anniversary of the State symbols. In fact, today is an important day for every Kazakhstani, for every young person especially. Because, in each of us, there is a feeling of patriotism. Inside, we want our state symbols to appear everywhere only at great heights, so that our Flag and Hymn will begin their apogee only in the glorified places. It can be any kind of sports, maybe political achievements, in which Kazakhstan is now gaining a lot of decent heights”, Deputy G. Shipovskikh stressed.

Young defenders of the Fatherland – pupils of “Zhas Ulan” and other military schools also participated in the event.

The Astana Defense Department also held this event together with the organizers.

Thus, Deputy Head of the Department of Defense Affairs of the City of Astana, Bakhtiyar Pernebekov, appealed to young people.

“The main goal of the event in honor of the 25th anniversary of the state symbols is to educate the youth and to show exactly that our future is in the hands of the youth. They have in their hands that can give credibility to our country and the future. Our symbols – the national flag and the anthem are recognized abroad. Now there are military-patriotic clubs and at the same time the national guard and assault brigades are involved in them. Why do we hold such kind of events? First of all, for our youth to love their state. Thanks to them our Kazakhstan will prosper, shine. We will still reach a high level, which we planned”, B. Pernebekov said confidently.

The holiday will be celebrated until June 5. Therefore, we advise the people of Kazakhstan to attend events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the state symbols at the weekend.

Indeed, the state symbols are a pillar of the independence of our young country. It is the State Flag, State Anthem and Emblem that are sacred symbols that reflect our independence, the integrity of the state and the unity of nations.

The emblem, flag and anthem are symbols of great victories, successes and achievements.

After all, this is a proud, at the same time inexplicable feeling, when our great leaders, athletes, heroes, experience during the raising of the flag and sound of the anthem of Kazakhstan. But not only they, but each of us should experience the same emotions of joy, patriotism and new achievements.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050