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How efficient FSHI will provide transparency of expenditures

by August 3, 2017 Fun

According to Elena Bakhmutova, when planning the same tools which are formed during projecting a budget are used in the Fund. Amount of payments from the State for 14 beneficiaries of citizens will be projected within the budgetary commission.

Besides, guaranteed package of free medical care, which will be administrated by the Fund, will operate by the use of the same mechanisms of planning and reporting, because money belongs to the Fund. As for the health insurance. The whole cash flow will be centralized and will be received from an account of the National bank. Medical organizations will receive money according to signed agreements from the National bank to their accounts. This is concerning to cash flow, E. Bakhmutova said.

As for reporting, the Fund shall form it separately for assets as well as separately for own finances.

Reporting should be compiled in accordance with the international standards of financial reporting and should be audited by independent audit institutions. According to the legislation it has nothing to do with a commercial secret and should be published both in depositaries of financial recording and on the website. Besides, the project of Order of the Ministry of healthcare, which sets forms of non-financial reporting and will be delivered on between quarterly benchmarks basis as a statistic reporting, the Head of the Fund informed.

According to the chairman of management of the FSHI, such kinds of statistic reporting will be related to detailed expenditures on provision of medical care.

I think, that this order will be issued in the near future. It means that more detailed information on types of care in the context of regions both within planned and actual will be presented to the Ministry of healthcare and then to the statistics bodies, she noted.

In addition, the Fund of social health insurance will create a consultative and public council in the near future to actively consider all issues in an open and transparent form.

As it is a form of statistic information and as it is delivered by statistics bodies, and it does will be seen in each region by types of care to what number services were provided and what amounts of money were spent. Besides, talking about transparency, according to the Order the consultative and public council should be created and the Council of directors has approved it. Now we will start to send invitations to deputies, non-governmental organizations, NCE Atameken, active mass medias so that a public council be created. At the public council, any questions which are considered as important by members of the public council will be raised. Such kind of council we plan to create by September and I suppose that by the end of September it will fully operate, Elena Bakhmutova told.

According to the Head, the Fund intends to use its website as a main platform, which will operate on the basis of user feedback.

We ready to answer any questions, which will be received and announced by us, including everything connecting with transparency of the Fund. It is a priority for us, the speaker added.

Chairman of management of the Fund confidently told, that the Accounts committee on control over implementation of the republic budget can also in any time conduct check? in the Fund of social health insurance.

I sure, that a system of corporative management will facilitate to provision of control over finances. The international standard of financial reporting and independent audit will also enable citizens to be confident that resources are used for targeted purposes. As for checks. The Accounts Committee will also check us. If necessary, they can always check primary documentation, E. Bakhmutova said.

We remind, that on Tuesday during the session of the Government Elena Bakhmutova informed that in July 2017 payments of OSHI comprised 800 million tenge. At the same time, advanced payments for the second half-year of the present year comprise 44%.

According to the Fund, the leaders in payments and deductions are 4 regions, they are East Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kostanay and Almaty regions.

Payments are corresponded to our expectations for 2017. At the same time, we expect that payments will increase from August 2017. It is connected with a situation that a term of payment of fees are being expiring in 25 of the present month, after the month of payment of income, the chairman of management of Fund of social health insurance explained.

As known, from July 1, 2017, a norm on obligation of employers, individual entrepreneurs and those working according to agreement of civil and legal nature, payment of deductions and fees and obligatory health insurance was signed.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050